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Details – Speak Loud and Clear

Details – Speak Loud and Clear

What details make up a great interior photo?

Today when you are selling you need to make sure your home speaks to a buyer – not to you. In today’s market to be effective to grab a buyer, there is more than just putting your house on the market. Your interior images of your home need to highlight your home, not your life. Being objectionable is one of the hardest things a seller has to become when listing their house. You have lived in this house for a few years; memories have been made who wouldn’t love what you love about the house?

Right? Wrong.

I have been blogging about bad photography this month and why it may not help you sell your home. The details in a room relay a lot to buyers, when they are looking at listings the images send a message which they will either take a second look or pass that house on by.

Here are some pointers to help your home speak to buyers and examples of what not to do.

Take some time to depersonalize, clear up some of the clutter. Seeing all the extra “stuff” in rooms is distracting and does not allow the buyer to concentrate on the details of the house.



Personal items like your religious beliefs should be packed away when selling. Animals should not be photos when listing your home because many people do not like them, and they may create a negative connotation .

regligious items

no pets







Take a picture yourself of a room, put it on your computer and look at it. Does the room look spacious or too cluttered? Updated and modern or tired like nothing has changed since you first moved in.


I know you or your child might love Barney purple, but do you think every buyer will love it too or just a few? If a few, then you better be changing those colors! Colors speak  volumes –silently no less; make sure they are all positive when selling. Neutral colors are your friend when selling, and neutral does not need to be white. Remember only 10% of the population can vision any change in a room. If you are not sure then consult with a professional for a color consultation. I always say paint is the biggest bang for your buck when selling.

unmade bed

Let me know of your success stories, what you did to improve the details of your rooms to make your home resonate with buyers?

Bad Listing Photographs- Such a Shame

Bad Listing Photographs- Such a Shame

If you are searching for a new home now, you are probably looking at the usual sites such as,,, just to name a few. Hours are spend looking a pictures of listed homes, currently for sale. As I mentioned in my last blog, typically a buyer will spend 8 seconds or less on a photograph of an online listing. And with 90% of buyers searching online, those pictures are important!

This blog is about bad photography. Sorry someone has to do it. It really does amaze me that a Realtor would post pictures as such, let alone their home seller allow it!! Like I said bad photographs are such a shame. Here are some examples from the area that I live in Orange County, NY.

too dark out of focus


This photo obviously is too dark, out of focus and really…too much clutter. Bad photo, such a shame. Kitchens make up 30% of a buyers decision– 1/3 of the decision based on one room, pretty big chunk of real estate weighing on one room. Why would you not want this room of all the rooms in the house to look the best it can in the buyers eyes?

Aside from too dark photographs it is nice to set a stage for the buyer, so they can see themselves in the room.

one purpose room

Is this suppose to be a master bedroom retreat where someone would like to go to relax, get away from the stress of everyday life? Or is it an exercise room? This image is telling me there is not enough space in the house and so it all ends up in the master. Not relaxing, not inviting, not what buyers are looking for in a new home. Bad photograph, such a shame.

The lighting is important in pictures, as by example of these two photographs. Also styling the photograph and paying attention to the little details can make such a difference. I wonder looking at these two photos what else has not been taken care of in the home. When was the last time anything was fixed or repaired that needed attention?? Just saying, bad photographs speak more to buyers than most sellers realize.

If on your house hunting you come across a bad photograph, please share with me!


A Picture is Worth- What?

A Picture is Worth- What?

Did you know that adding one photo to a residential real estate listing increases the final sale price by up to 3.9% according to The Wall Street Journal article January 11, 2013. Interior photos are more effective than exterior shots although exterior shots help. They estimated that each photo adds about $150 to $200 to the final sale price.

In today’s selling market 90% of buyers are searching on line for their next home. You have 8 seconds to make an impression– not long, so imagine if the photo of your house looked like this



Both make an impression, but when selling a home you want to make the best positive impression you can. You want that buyer to take a second look, by coming to your house and viewing to see how beautiful your home really is.

In April I will be blogging on photography and what is key to grab the potential buyer. A professional agent should have the property styled and photographed- by that I mean not your cell phone shots that are blurred like…

out of focusOf course photographers charge for taking photos, just as a lawyer would charge for their services. When you are hiring a professional to help accomplish a goal, you are seeking their talent that you do not embrace yourself.  Understand that the photographs taken can affect the sale price and speed, which your house might sell; it is worth the investment. A good interior photographer will capture the architectural details that sell the home, and make that home resonate with buyers.

Stay posted to read up on tips and ideas for great photos that will help position your home to sell. You want the web seeker looking for a home to linger and take a second look.

Pictures are worth a thousand words, or even dollars when selling a home. If you are selling make sure your pictures are the best they can be.