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Lighting Can Help Sell Your House

Lighting Can Help Sell Your House

Lighting in and for your interior photographs is important because it helps highlight the beauty of a room and tells a story to a buyer. Here are some examples taken right from the MLS of homes currently on the market in my area. They will help explain what a seller needs to pay attention to.

Making sure that the natural light is coming in through the windows makes the house feel more like a home to a buyer. Highlight architectural details, you have beautiful windows they should stand out and have natural light pouring through them. Don’t keep the natural sunlight hidden behind old drapes and curtains. Buyers like light and bright.

light coming in


Speaking of natural light try and get most of your interior shots when the sun is pouring in the windows. It makes the rooms look more open and inviting.




kitchen clutter

Remember though, just because it is sunny out when the photo’s are being taken of your home does not always mean the pictures will resonate with buyers. A seller has to make sure their house is clean, de-cluttered,  styled nicely, all those details help the rooms present well.


Even if the pictures are being taken on a cloudy day, hopefully the photographer will be able to adjust the lighting afterwards so that your images are not too dark and rooms do not look like you live in a cave. It helps if the photo is in focus also, not like this…too dark out of focus

If you are in a home that needs its light fixtures updated, do so before you list and have the photo taken for the MLS.  If you are crunched for time make sure the photographer does not include it in the photo.

This bathroom with its large tub might be just what someone is looking for but the light…