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Choosing a Front Door Color

Choosing a Front Door Color

Your front door is what welcomes visitors into your home. Make it stand out with some color. Here is a blog from Houzz that is full with information.
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Advantage of Hiring a Professional Stager

Advantage of Hiring a Professional Stager

The goal when selling a home is to sell quickly and of course, close to the asking price. But how does a seller gain the competitive edge over the market?  The seller has received advice from their agent but understanding what needs to be accomplished can get lost in translation. To gain the advantage to have a strong standing in the market, the presentation has to resonate with buyers. A professionally trained stager knows what the market demands, and the best way to present a home for buyers.

Can you prepare a home on your own? Sure. But there are advantages of hiring a professional stager verses someone that is not trained. If the objective is lost in translation it can cause some common mistakes that can cost a lot of money when selling.

Providing decorating advice verses a marketing strategy

Staging is NOT decorating; it is creating a marketing strategy for the property. A professional stager focuses on showcasing the best features of a property. A designer considers your personal likes and creates a look for you- not for buyers.  Our goal is to consider the camera’s eye and the best way to project spacious, useful rooms that buyers can connect to.


Free Consults

The saying “you get what you pay for” reins true here. The first step and critical step to assessing a property to become ready for market is reviewing the entire property through a consult. This is a value-rich assessment of a property giving the seller recommendations to motivate and prioritize what is essential to “package” their home.


Simple check list of assessments do not prioritize recommendations

Analyzing and prioritizing what needs to be done and completed in respect to market trends, buyer’s wish lists and budget issues have to be considered and discussed. The what and why need to be reviewed to help the seller make the best financial decisions that will benefit them. If a seller just has a list of things that should be done, it does not give them directive as to setting priorities and how to accomplish.


Not addressing sensitive topics

Many times Real Estate Agents and untrained stagers do not like to rock the boat by addressing sensitive topics about a property. Handling difficult conversation with home sellers is key skill for professional stagers. We understand how people hold their properties near and dear to themselves, but we also know one strong negative impression can override a list of positive factors and prevent a sale. Sensitive issues like odors, cleanliness, unattractive dated décor, religious items, clutter, provocative art etc. are all difficult to discuss but avoiding the issue is not an excuse and avoiding them can lead to costly mistakes when selling.


Fail to Motivate a Client with an Action Plan

A prepared property presents better and is easier to show to buyers. It is essential to motive the seller to follow through with the recommendations to prepare their home for market. These recommendations may feel overwhelming to accomplish, but a professional stager assists the seller by prioritizing what needs to be accomplished. A trained professional is a serious business owner and an expert in design planning and problem solving allowing the seller to succeed in selling faster and for top dollar.


A professional stager helps the seller understand the recommendations needed to create a solid presentation, seeing the importance and benefit from the direction given. An agent that recommends staging to a client emerges as the professional that sells properties quickly and for top dollar.

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Events Throughout the Summer | Orange County NY

Events Throughout the Summer | Orange County NY

Memorial Day is a time to remember all those that have served for our country and our freedom. This is why so many will decorate their homes with flags and red white in blue. Memorial Day is also when many feel it is the beginning of the summer. Orange County and the surrounding areas are rich with history of our past and culture; taking in some history, culture or just relaxing in the park there are plenty of places to day

Here are some places that may be of interest to you.

West Point– Founded in 1802 it has been entwined with our history graduating military leaders that have made our nation great. During the summer months many people visit to take in the rich history that the academy, take a  boat ride on the Hudson River to Constitution Island or take in one of the many events held such as parades, games and concerts and performances held on the grounds.

Located in Newburgh Washington’s Headquarters was the longest serving headquarters of George Washington during the Revolutionary War. There are three preserved buildings on the seven acre property representing the conditions during the Revolutionary War.

State fairs are a lot of fun for the family with exhibits and demonstrations building agricultural awareness. The funds from the fairs are applied to support the continual education of agriculture in the area. July 17th through the 27th is the Orange County State Fair and throughout the summer are other NY State FairsDSC_0207

Interested in hiking, boating or just enjoying the beautiful outdoors Sterling Forest State Park and  Harriman Bear Mountain State Parks are two great parks to enjoy. Storm King Art Center  is celebrated as one of the world’s outdoor sculpture parks that comprises of more than 100 sculptures by acclaimed artists in the area.

Fresh produce and locally created specialties can be found at the Farmers Markets, in many towns. Some of the markets on occasion will have local entertainment too. You may want to accompany your food items with local wines. The Brotherhood Winery was the first commercial winery in the Hudson Valley rich in history along with being the oldest winery in the area; you can take a tour and experience their tasting room.  There are many other wineries too throughout New York that have tastings, tours and other events that you may enjoy.

These are just a few ideas to consider during the warm days of summer around Orange County and New York. If you visit this area let us know what your favorite event or place is to visit. Enjoy!