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Plants that Help Us Enjoy the Outdoors

Plants that Help Us Enjoy the Outdoors

When doing consults for clients helping them improve their curb appeal I am asked what plants will enhance their curb appeal best. Plants are an investment so you want them to work for you and in your environment. So which are best?

Mosquitoes can be problematic in some areas. Why not use plants that are considered to repel them in the areas where you sit at dusk.

 Scented geraniums are known to repel insects because of their sent, but also have textural leaves that can add interest to the landscape.

Citronella grass when the leaves are crushed release oil that repels mosquitoes.

Catnip is known to be even stronger than DEETcatmint

Marigold the flowers keep mosquitoes away and add a little color too.

Rosemary, lemon balm and basil are both scented herb used for cooking but can also repel mosquitoes

These are just a few but if you look through the list those plants that have an obvious scent are usually great at repelling mosquitoes, but also other critters in your yard.

Consider the bunnies, chipmunks, ground hogs, and deer that can all wreck havoc on your landscape. Some of the plants listed above critters typically do not like either, or will not be immediately attracted to them. Although no plant is completely deer resistant, if they are hungry enough they will eat anything. Some plants are considered “deer resistant” and can make an impact through your landscape.

Consider Fountain grass, or other ornamental grasses. They give textural interest in the landscape through the seasons. Yucca is another plant that can make a big impact with sword shaped leaves and flowers.yucca

If you are looking for color consider foxglove. It is a biennial that blooms the second year with flowers that rang in color from purple to white.

Heliotrope has a beautiful bushy habit with large flowers. Heather can be breathtaking in swaths, depending on the type you could have flowers blooming at different times through the summer.

Bee balm, marigolds and zinnia similar to mosquito repelling, are not desirable to critters so they are fantastic “go to” plants throughout the landscape giving color and foliage interest.

With a little planning you can work with nature to make your landscape shine through the seasons. Textures, as well as color combined make for an interesting landscape. What plants have you found have staying power in your garden and landscape that work for you?

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