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First Box to be Opened | Moving Day

First Box to be Opened | Moving Day


Moving day is exciting and exhausting all the same. Of course with a little planning moving can be easier for everyone and having the essentials on hand in one place will help with that. Create a First Box to be Opened, it should be the last box packed from your old house and the first one opened in your new. Here are some necessities that should be included to help make Moving Day easy.

Essential Box

If you can, show up to your home before the movers get there. The essential box can contain cleaning items you need so prior to movers arriving you can do a pre-clean of your kitchen and bathrooms, and take care of any floors that might need sweeping or vacuuming. Pack paper towels, cleaners, sponges, rubber gloves, dish soap, toilet brush, toilet paper, tissues and a shower curtain liner. 

Pack up a mini first aid kit with band aids, Ace bandage, some antiseptic wipes, tweezers, and a few ibuprofen. To have a small toiletry kit available is also helpful with toothpaste, tooth-brush, soap, shampoo, deodorant towels and wash cloths. Don’t forget any of the medicines that you take on a daily basis also.

first aid kit when moving


Other Items to Make Your Move Smooth

A set of sheets, blanket and a pillow for each bed for each member of the family. Light bulbs, batteries, charging cords for devices. A set of clean clothes for everyone after the first day of moving, include sleeping clothes it will make you feel more at home the first night.

You might find eating out is a little easier when you are moving but packing some disposable cups and “tableware”, paper plates and napkins can come in handy. A can opener, serving spoon, and pan. Don’t forget about your four legged friends. Pack their serving dishes and at least two days of food for them, if they have a preferred bed it is wise to bring that too if you can.

paper plates and cup for first day of your move

Make sure you have the keys, essential phone numbers, paper and pen, duct tape, scissors, small portable tool kit that has hammer, screw driver, flashlight and pliers at least. Last include something that feels or helps you make your new house feel like yours; a candle, favorite throw or pillow, or a radio to play your favorite music while you unpack the rest of your belongings.

Welcome to your new home!

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Tricks to Save Money This Fall |US News

Tricks to Save Money This Fall |US News

We all want to save money when we decorate. But how do you incorporate trends in your rooms, without breaking the budget, especially in the fall when you want to just simply warm up your rooms?

I was asked by Kendal Perez of US News to lend some suggestions that she could share with consumers. Her article titled Tricks to Save Money this Fall appeared in USNews and our suggestions were featured!

fall picture

Currently metallic’s are hot in decor, I discussed this in the article as to how they can update a space and complement the colors of fall. Adding warm colored accessories such as pillows and throws cozy up a room, without spending a lot of money. Another idea is to look outside; use some of the beautiful natural elements that surround you and are in your yard bring them inside and add to vases, on the mantle of a fireplace, or use with candles. They will create instant gratification, and make your rooms feel warmer.

She included other great insights from other designers, but we all agreed that moderation is key. Don’t go crazy with a lot of decorations, consider decorating for the season verses a holiday. It will save on the budget, along with the nerves.

Fall is a great time to revamp rooms, it doesn’t have to be expensive, sometimes just adding a few touches can give you a completely different look and feel to a room. Changing it from alright to awesome!

Hints for an Easy Move

Hints for an Easy Move

You have finally sold your house- Yippee! Now comes the time to move. Here are some points to make the moving process a lot easier whether you are doing yourself or having someone else doing the packing and moving.

 A house for sale that has soldGetting Ready to Move and Pack

  1. When picking up boxes to pack consider getting smaller boxes,  people tend to overload them and then they become to heavy to lift. You should keep the load well under 50 pounds per box.
  2. Purchase more supplies than what you think you might need, you can always return what you don’t use. Buying supplies the day of moving from the moving company will cost you far more.
  3. To save even more try going to U-Haul they will give you used boxes at no cost, yup $0. After you move into your new place bring them back to U-Haul so someone else can save and you are recycling. You might also be able to get inexpensive boxes from BoxCycle in your area. Of course you can visit your grocery and liquor stores too.
  4. Bubble wrap is good, but can cost a lot. Instead wrap breakables individually with six to eight sheets of newsprint paper wrapped around the piece. Don’t overload the box and have it marked clearly with “breakable.” If you have objects like a jewelry board consider wrapping with press and seal to prevent everything from tangling.
  5. If you are doing some of the packing I always tell clients this is a great time to start de-cluttering. Yes if you pick up an item ask yourself how often do you use the item, if not at all get rid of it now so you are not packing, wrapping, carrying, unwrapping and trying to decide where to place it in your next new home.
  6. Who to use for your move? Call a few moving companies to get quotes, make sure it is in person so they can see the entire house contents including the garage and attic. When comparing quotes evaluate each one looking for similarities to be able to attain which is the best value. You can also check for reputable companies.
  7. Ask for a list of items movers will not pack and move for you. If you need to move them realize it will fall on your shoulders to do the packing and carrying of those items so maybe you really don’t need them as much as you thought.

    The actual moving day

  8. Day of the move you may want to see if a neighbor or family member can watch pets and little ones while the packing/moving is taking place. It will make it a little less stressful for them and yourself.
  9. Make sure you have lots of water available for everyone helping with the move and some high energy snacks for your self so you can keep you stamina up.
  10. Create a box that is the last to be loaded on the truck, and the first to be unloaded when you get to your new home. It should contain items that you know you will need as soon as you start unpacking.pile of brown moving boxes

Once you have everything removed from your house and before the driver leaves your home, do one last check for anything that might have been left behind. Be sure to check attics, storage sheds, and basements. Make sure you go through and also turn off all lights, your furnace, and your air conditioner. Lock your windows and doors, and leave behind your keys and garage door openers for the new occupants. Enjoy you new home!!

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5 Senses of Selling

5 Senses of Selling

Home buyers use all their senses when looking at a home. Sure sight is important but so are all the other senses. To ensure buyers love your home you have to appeal to all five senses.

SMELL smell

Smell can be conscious or subconscious but it registers in our thoughts, giving a positive or possible negative feeling about something. When selling try to ensure your home smells as fresh as possible.

  • Open all the windows if the weather permits to let the fresh air flow throughout the house.
  • When selling be conscientious of what you are cooking in your home, odors can linger and some may not be desirable to your buyers. Spicy foods, garlic, onions and even beloved bacon by many can linger and cause smells that are not fresh.
  • Clean carpets, upholstery and drapery prior to putting your house on the market, by doing so you may be able to remove odors. If you find you still have lingering odors, remove or replace the offending objects.
  • If you are a smoker you will also have to go a step further and possibly wash down all surfaces- yes ceilings and walls, or repaint to make the house feel fresh. While you have your house on the market smoke outside so the smell does not linger.
  • Keep your trash bins empty, especially kitchen waste, sealed in outdoor containers.
  • If you have a dishwasher run it on a regular basis. Run water for 30 seconds or more and toss some citrus peels into your disposal for a fresh aroma.
  • Pet odors can be very disagreeable to some people. Keep your pets off the furniture, if their “space” is not in an area with hard easy to clean surfaces try and move them to one. Keep all bedding clean and bathe and brush your pets on a regular schedule to minimize smells and shedding.
  • Do not use a lot of air fresheners, or candles with a heavy sent, try and keep to a fresh air smell as best as possible

TOUCH touch

Run your fingers over surfaces, dusty, sticky, grimy – clean them and keep them clean. Look at door knobs, counters, light switches, floors all those details can make a big difference to a buyer. Take a look at the bed linens – are the clean, stain-free and touchable? If not this is a good time to go and purchase some new fresh ones.


When a Realtor is showing a house they may be talking, or maybe they allow the buyers to tour the home take a look and then discuss. Listen to your house, do you have creaky floors, dripping faucets, squeaky door hinges or anything that tells a buyer that the house needs fixing. If so fix before putting the house on the market. You cannot control sounds like noisy neighbors or traffic but you could put on soft music throughout the house.

SIGHT seeing

When selling, buyers want to envision themselves in the rooms. You need to reflect this not necessarily your lifestyle. This means being objective and setting your house up in a way that will satisfy your market.

  • Give each room a purpose as it was intended. Is your Master bedroom set up as a place to relax and retreat or does it have your home office and exercise equipment throughout? Move those items to a different room or a place that would make more sense.
  • Do you have bold colors on the wall or wallpaper? Now is the time to neutralize those colors. Colors speak differently to each person and you want the rooms set so anyone can envision their personal belongings fitting into the rooms.
  • Depersonalize, you have probably heard it over and over again. It not only means removing the personal photos, but also those trinkets, trophies and items that can identify who obviously lives currently in the house. Keep your market in mind and try to neutralize your décor as best as possible.
  • Fresh flowers and neat plants can be “eye candy” if done properly. They can also lend to adding a fresh fragrance to the air

TASTE taste

This can be a tough one when you are thinking about a house. Consider offering ice-cold bottled water on a hot day, maybe a fresh pot of brewed coffee if it’s cold out. A small touch like this can resound with visitors when looking at numerous homes in a day.






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