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Things Your Home Does Not Need

Things Your Home Does Not Need

Spring cleaning involves removing clutter. Probably you never gave it much thought when you purchased or thought you needed something for your home. Then you begin to realize items you have added really don’t serve a purpose or enhance your spaces, cluttering and taking away valuable space in your house. Here are some suggestions of things to look at through your home that could be removed and improve your spaces

Small Pieces of Furniture

Many times I will review clients’ spaces to see they have a lot of little pieces of furniture that really do not serve much of a purpose other than cluttering the space. Sometimes it’s a lot of small chairs, tables, or pieces that really do not do much other than take up valuable space. Make sure the items you have throughout a room serve a purpose. Possibly some of those smaller pieces can be re-purposed or given a new home.

“Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful, or believe to be beautiful.”
William Morris


Bench at The Foot of The BedBedroom bench

It is an accent that many people feel they need, but then find it becomes a dumping ground for the day or maybe a weeks’ worth of accessories and clothing. If your bench is just doing that, maybe it’s time to re-purpose it to another room where it can be used as seating.

Wall Paint

Color on walls can add to the space but having neutral walls has huge benefits. Bold colors are a statement of choice. Many times you can do a room with a neutral wall color and the pops can come from the art and accessories you place in the rooms.bold art


If the room is small there is no need to have a whole piece of furniture next to the bed. Use a simple shelf instead to hold those essentials you may need through the night. Using a shelf also will make the room feel larger too.

Bedside Lights

Get rid of the table lamp and replace with a hanging wall or ceiling light. These not only free up the space on either side of the bed they also will give the room a refreshed newer feeling.

Matched Set of Furniture

When you go shopping for furniture is your instinct to purchase the couch and all the tables – coffee and sides that they display only to find they do not work in your space? Slow down, measure your space first. Draw a layout as to what will fit in the space. Maybe you need a smaller table to serve in front of the couch or maybe you don’t need one at all but a side table. Plan first before purchasing unneeded pieces of furniture.

TVold TV

What??! You say. With streaming, many of the things you watch can probably be viewed on your computer or smart device so why not skip the TV. Along with that it will also eliminate the TV consult or big piece you need to store it on. Big space saver!

Open your eyes and take a critical look at your rooms. If all you see is “stuff” it’s time to re-evaluate what is in them. Let me know what you have found to be unnecessary or have found another use for that works better in your rooms.

Organizing | Systems to Use

Organizing | Systems to Use

Sometimes when things get out of hand we finally decide it’s time to get organized. For some it is a simple procedure, others might dread it, keep in mind that perfectionism is the mother of procrastination. So even if you get your closet organized by color, feel great, because the next step can be by style like all shirts together, and then you will start eliminating so you feel real organized. Step by step, creating a system helps.


So what are some systems you can put in place when organizing anything?

First when cleaning out a room, closet or even drawer, decide what you will do with the clutter and put into three piles:

Keep It

Purge It

Store It

When going through items remove space wasters. You might be one saying “what’s a space waster?” They are items that you probably haven’t used, touched or thought about in over six or more months. They are taking up valuable real estate and need to be either sold, donated, or thrown away. Yes, it’s time for someone else to take hold of those things you really have no need for. Still having a tough time deciding if you feel it is a space waster? Ask yourself: when was the last time you used or needed the item. Again, if it has been more than six months it most likely is a space waster that needs to be addressed.

Once those space wasters are removed, it’s time to evaluate what is left. Start sorting through the items you feel are something you need to keep and are easily accessible, and what can be stored– i.e. seasonal items, large appliances that you might not use every day but still use on a regular basis. When storing be organized. Store like things together, all holiday items, and each holiday in it’s own bin, clothing- fall/winter items in their own bin, gardening items- tools together, gloves together, fertilizers all together. Your getting the idea kind of like sorting block when younger, all the same shape together, color together etc.

The items you use frequently, sort through and set up a system or a home to keep them organized. Maybe it’s using bins that are marked, setting your closet up with shelving or additional rods for hanging, labeling shelves help some to keep items in their ‘home’. The key is creating a home for things – “a place for everything, and everything in its place” and then making sure that you put items in their places and not just put them down wherever latter.

If you try it in just one area of your house you might find that you can translate it to other areas to the point of being completely organized. Let me know what systems you have put in place to keep organized and the clutter to a minimal.

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2016 Spring Show Trends

2016 Spring Show Trends

Shows are great to see what is new, trending and inspirational. This spring being in NY I attended the NYNow show which is chock filled with consumer goods, and the Architectural Digest show where vendors show off the latest and greatest for living in your abode. What trends showed up, and what will we be seeing more of in the future? Here are just a few of the things I noticed.


The look on appliances is out but stainless is starting to trend downward. I continue to see more and more streamline looks with integrated appliances  with the cabinetry. Jenn-air when I visited them, they agreed and demonstrated how the home is going to be more and more automated. Using systems that tie to smart devices making life simpler to control our cooking when we are not there in the home, or even when we are. The controls make it so simple that anyone can become a chef- well, pretty much, in the kitchen. For two years now I have seen the ‘obsidian’ interiors and was curious why the change. The answer was that the colors of food pop more when shown against black. Studies have been done to prove people find food more appetizing when presented on a darker surface than lighter. I might try this experiment myself at home to see if it is really true. integrated appliances obsidian refridgerator


This is always interesting to me and at the AD show they have vendors that come out with such unique ideas. I thought this rope light was quite interesting done by Luke Lamp Co. Might not be something you can see in your abode but to me it was new fresh, and of course the use of LED lights intrigued me. Of course there were other vendors with fabulous lighting and beautiful designs also. The glass and metal work of some of the artist is incredible.LED rope light


Metal is in big! Not just in decor but in furniture as well. I believe this trend is here to stay a while. Mirrors, vessels, containers, furniture, fabrics it is everywhere. Seems the bling is the thing.

I found these beautiful lace like vessels at the NY Now show so delicate,and intriguing

metal lace bowls

Outdoors In

Plants, green walls, bringing the outdoors inside is big both at NY Now and at the AD show. With the weather becoming warmer this might be the time to start creating and thinking of outdoor plants that can easily adapt to indoors when the weather is not so nice. The green walls are fantastic, just not too sure I have the wherewithal to do one my self but I love them. I will keep right now, to the two stag horn ferns Dwell so kindly gave me at the end of the show.

stag horn ferns

I know not everyone jumps on the newest that is being shown, but seeing it can allow you to start thinking and understanding what’s to come as more and more consumers start to embrace the trends that the industry sees.


Features That Will Sell Your House

Features That Will Sell Your House pooled information from across the country to see what buyers are currently investing their hard earned dollars on when it comes to purchasing a home.  I will recap a few of the highlights from the article here.


As always location, location, location as we always hear is one of the biggest factor when people purchase a property. That being said the most important feature happens to be good schools. The homes located in good school districts sold on average in 76 days, with a median price on the house being $330,000. That tells me that communities should make sure their school boards are making sure the students graduating better be a top product if you want to increase or maintain the equity in your property. While location is popular so are views. If you are in an urban area and have a place with a view of the city you will do well when selling. Other desirable views are golf courses, lake views, mountain views and then ocean views.


Price of course is always a factor when investing in property. The strongest price range was $200 to$250K with an average of 83 days. Not too surprising the trend I keep reading about are buyers downsizing, and small starter homes are being snatched up quickly. The $150 to $200K range was close behind at 86 days.

Size matters, but this time it’s about the square footage of the home. A 1500-2000 sq. ft home has been selling over the 3000-3500 sqft home by two weeks, the bigger you go the longer the house is on the market. Tiny houses are all the rage, along with energy efficiency too. Those trying to get into the housing market because rentals are actually not the best deal on the block anymore are jumping on these smaller homes.


The study did numerous other areas too, but one I thought interesting was their ‘hottest amenity’ category. Here they show that having stainless steel appliances are most desired. I am just wondering if it is that stainless is desirable or is it that most homes have stainless appliances that sell today so that is the reason why it ranked so high. Many trend predictors are saying for kitchens, the stainless trend is waning, but nothing is coming out on top as a new trend so the kitchen trend category I believe is still up in the air. Black appliances are being seen, and integrated appliances are being shown more and more, but there is not a surge in anyone particular area.

I would be interested to hear what is trending in your particular market versus the findings from Let me know

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