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Selling | Call in Professional Help To Sell Quickly

Selling | Call in Professional Help To Sell Quickly

When selling a house you need to know what will help you sell quickly, and for the most money. Where do you get that help and information and when should you get it?

The most difficult part of selling is realizing your house may not be worth what you think it is. How do you protect your equity along with all the time and effort you have put into your structure you now call home?

First things First

When selling today, you need to realize that at least 95% of buyers are looking online first before even considering to enter into your home. What makes you look online to buy anything? What makes you go forward to buy? Typically need and value. When you stage, you create value for your property. Your goal is to entice those buyers surfing the web to take the next step to set up an appointment to look at your house in person. Remember it’s better to be looked at, then to be overlooked.

when selling make sure your house is looked at, not overlookedConsider the Following

  1. You need to stand out above your competition. You need to make sure that your house is one that buyers aspire to not only for their wish list; 3 bedrooms, 2 baths, big yard etc., you also need to make those rooms appealing.
  2. Making rooms appear appealing is one of the biggest challenges I see on the MLS. Let’s face it, for some; having all the professionals taking a cut of the profits from the sale of the house can be troublesome. To have your realtor tell you to clean and declutter is an obvious step to getting your house ready for the market. Wouldn’t you detail your car if you were trying to sell it?? But the important next step is how do you move onto makeing the rooms appealing?
  3. A realtor that includes a staging consult when you list with them is a great advantage; or make a small investment to have a staging consult before you sell, is essential. Why? A professional stager knows what buyers are looking for, and can evaluate what you have, explaining the best way to present your house to stand out on the market. They take your house to the next level.
  4. Do not take the consult personally but to heart. What? That’s confusing right? To heart, what I mean is listen, ask questions if you do not understand why the changes are needed.  And paramount; react, act, and put your heart and soul into getting your house ready. Step back and really look at your house; this is one of the best steps to getting it sold.
  5. Ask questionsis it worth your time and money to update a bathroom, resurface a floor, paint your red dining room, or rent furniture. A professional stager will answer you honestly, give you reasons why it is or is not worth those updates. Again take those answers and suggestions to heart, they will give you the return back. Most of all…
  6. Think objectively. It will cost you 1% to 3% of the listing price to get your house ready for the market. Statistics have proven, that investment gives you a return from 6% to 10%! There you go, you are protecting your equity.

When selling, accept the offers of help if you do not do this as a profession. Your Realtor is a pro and knows the market and how to price your property. A Professional Stager knows how to transform your property to one that will resonate with buyers. The help is for you to have a successful, quick sale. Isn’t that what every seller wants?

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I’m Looking for a Great Realtor

I’m Looking for a Great Realtor

“I’m looking for a great realtor” the home owner says to me. This seller was savvy, they knew that the first person to call was a professional stager. They chose to have their house detailed so it would look great online. I suggested some key questions to ask the realtor when they began their search for an agent. Since they last purchased in 2002 I explained promoting a house in today’s market is different than ten years ago.

Looking back

Ten years ago realtors took a listing and used the three “P’s” to market:

  1. Put up a sign
  2. Put the listing on the MLS
  3. Prayed for buyers

Sign Home for Sale with a sold sign in front of a house

Unfortunately some realtors still do market this way. But in today’s market we have what everyone uses; the internet. Buyers are very smart, they know what is available, what price is reasonable for the value they are looking for. Smart realtors know too, they are professionals that understand market conditions and the best way to price the house or product. The difference is, the realtor that markets the new way will give you the advantage to sell faster and for more money.

New Way

A realtor that takes a listing today should be using current three “P’s” to market:

  1. Prep the house, get it ready by staging and detailing the house so it shines
  2. Pricing the house so that it is comparable to others in the market
  3. Promotion getting the house not only on the MLS but also social media, even more so then print media

facebook social media

This is the new way realtors assist a seller for a successful sale in today’s market. Things have changed a lot, of course technology has aided in those changes too. A savvy realtor knows how to currently promote a property online by ensuring the product that is being sold resonates with buyers. The presentation is important to obtain fantastic professional photos to promote on line, and on various social platforms.

So if you are thinking of selling, consider what the agents you are interviewing are telling you. How will they support you through the entire sale? The first and foremost step should be the presentation, then fantastic photography, a sharp price and once those are in place, promote everywhere the internet allows. Once those are in place the showings will go smoothly and quickly, your professional agent will obtain an optimal price, because you ensured the property was presented in the best light.

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Update Your Room for FREE!

Update Your Room for FREE!

Update your room for free! Simply look around your house and see if there are items you can move to give your room a new look.

It’s hard for some; once you get your house decorated items stay in the same spot for YEARS! That doesn’t mean that’s bad, but change can be good. What is the best way to begin an update? Start first by removing anything in the room that is broken, or does not serve a purpose. This could be an old TV, books or magazines that are no longer read, any decorations that have more dust than appeal.

Clear the space

By clearing the space or room, it is important to keep in mind what is the room used for? Do you just add a bunch of stuff into the room because you no longer use it? By clearing it out, it will give it an updated feeling alone without spending a dime. If anything, maybe you can make money by selling some of the items you no longer use.

clearing clutter alone can make a room look completely different

Size Matters

Yes it does, even in a room! If you have a room with too much furniture, it will feel cramped, and small. Just by removing some of the items, it will open up the room, giving it a refreshed new look, but when doing so, keep the integrity of the room. By this I mean, if it is a family room, keep the TV, and key pieces of furniture for viewing the TV, but not every piece you have currently. Measure the room and furniture, draw it out on a piece of paper and see what is reasonable to fit into the space, then if you feel you can, add one or two pieces if the room allows. Too much furniture can be too much, edit open the room up.

Move It, Move It

Think about moving some of your furniture around or into other rooms. Here is an example; this house had an open family room with a fabulous fireplace. Unfortunately the position of the furniture was not taking advantage of the features in the room. The owner was not happy with the room at all.

misplaced furniture

By using furnishings and accessories in other rooms, and moving the furniture, we were able to take advantage of all the features in the room. We created a better seating arrangement, flow, and updated the room without spending any money. The owner loved the space after! Who wouldn’t we gave it a new look, at no cost. Win, win!

rearranged furniture to utilize entire space

With a little thought, a lot of effort- throwing things away that are no longer useful, and rearranging furniture, art and accessories you can have a completely different looking room, for FREE in a weekend!

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