2018 Color Trends To Watch

2018 Color Trends To Watch

havEvery year some colors in design stand out over others that make an impression. They seem to feel fresh, new, and spark interest. Paint companies predict color trends; globally color expert panels predict what they believe will be the new color trends. From their predictions colors begin to emerge in décor and you begin to see them as mainstream go to colors.

2018 paint colors have been announced from major paint manufactures.  In the Moment- Behr, a softer blue that is calming. Caliente- Benjamin Moore, a vibrant red that is exciting.  Oceanside- Sherwin Williams a blue green that is mysterious like the ocean itself.

2018 color trends

I find it takes a while for the “years” predicted colors to become more mainstream. It takes consumers a while to embrace them. These colors will be seen in decor, but consumers are identifing two other color trends in décor that have sparked my interest. I am seeing them used in more applications for home décor. Although these two colors had been chosen a few years back as “color of the year,” and they have had their place of “color of the year”  now more than before are showing up more on popular sites like Pinterest and Instagram.

At High Point; a design/decor show this past month, Dusty Pink tones (think Rose Quartz, Pantone’s 2016 color pick) continued to pop up over and over again. It’s featured in bedding, furniture and metals. It is showing up in metal in cooking items, and accessories for the home. The soft sheen is something new and attractive to be considered in the mix of a room.

Here is West Elm’s bedding. The soft feeling it conveys a relaxed but elegant feeling in a room. The color complements gray, navy and beige nicely. It almost is a neutral, subtle, innocuous.

dusty rose bedding

Eyes are always looking at metals to see where the popularity lies. Copper emerged big a few years ago and now the soft rose metals are popular and trending. If you are not ready to commit to the rose color or feel it is too feminine, this is a nice way to introduce it in your room.dusty pink bronze and leather credenza by BDDWAdd black, brown or gray along with the dusty rose to give it less of a femine feeling.

dusty rose rug

Emerald green is another color I see popping up in beautiful ways (Pantone’s color pick back in 2013). Velvet sofa’s are an emerging trend along with chairs. Again if this is too trendy of a color, consider accessories instead.

It’s a beautiful contrast against white, making a clear statement. Take a look at these designs to see how they have incorporated this rich color.

green sofas


House Beautiful gree accessories

The image above is from 2013, probably due to Pantone’s pick back then highlights accessories. This color is now popping up all over in home design

Consider this year’s trending colors, or the past now emerging colors, to refresh and renew any room in your home.

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