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5 Basic Steps to Creating Fantastic Displays

By October 6, 2014 One Comment
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With the holidays coming up we love to decorate our homes, one area that is popular to decorate are table tops. Dining, kitchen, counters, and side tables to mention a few spaces are also fabulous spots to add color and drama to our decor with seasonal displays. Here are 5 steps to consider when creating a display, beautiful table setting or table scape that will set the mood for the festivities.

  1. Consider color: this is easy when decorating for specific holiday’s. In fall, warm colors like red, orange and yellow are always popular colors and complement many of the available items to decorate with. Although this might not coordinate with your furnishings, due to the nature of the decorations they will still work with the overall impression you are creating. This arrangement from HGTV could be used for fall, but also summer.brunch orange arrangement
  2. Consider placement: This is where you create balance in the table setting. If you are considering doing a vignette on a side table I suggest to my clients grouping items in odd numbers 3 or 5 for example. To continue to add interest add various heights within the grouping of items to add interest. For a dining table the odd number rule also applies. This photo from Benjamin Moore shows three arrangements but also displaces symmetry. Very peaceful and calming to look at.dining
  3. Consider proportion: Some of the best center pieces are ones that will spread the length of the table, why? Simply because it makes it easier to converse with those at your table. If you are interested in a taller center piece consider one with a clear narrow vase that will not be blocking those sitting at the table. On a fireplace mantle or entrance table height can create a dramatic effect, here creating a soaring display can bring you  great visual impact.fall arrangement for mantel
  4. Consider composition: When creating a look the objects used in the display have to be considered. If it is a holiday you are decorating for, go with that theme. To get longevity out of your table setting and vignettes think seasonal. I find creating a fall look from September through November saves me time and the look flows for more than one month. By using seasonal items like branches with berries, pine cones and colors related to fall, they last and work for three months verses just one. I do the same in the winter doing more of a “frosty theme” and add just a few “holiday” items. This way I am not changing everything out every month.winter table
  5. Consider Complexity: When I consult clients I always hear “I need to get rid of ______ and need to edit _______” Keep your arrangements clean, simple, a coordinating color theme that will be timeless. Staying with the less is more feeling you will achieve a stunning display.

simple fall table setting

If you have a fabulous table setting, table scape, display or composition of objects that you created please share with us all.

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