6 Key Ways to keep your Guest Comfortable this Summer

6 Key Ways to keep your Guest Comfortable this Summer

Summer is relaxing, lazy, and enjoyable in so many ways. With the longer days we enjoy having fun with friends and family. To keep the relaxed atmosphere a little pre-planning will keep the entertaining easy and comfortable for everyone, including you!

Beverages – Keep It Cool

Set up a cart, table or area where guests can help themselves

Provide plenty of disposable cups and napkins

Set up soda, water, juices, any alcoholic beverages if serving, with lots of ice

If children will be present consider two separate beverage areas one for adults, one for children with no alcoholic beverages

drink station

Food- Simple or Elaborate

Try and make as many foods ahead of time

Keep in mind the heat during the day when serving items that are perishable; keep them cool on ice or in a cooler if needed

Entertaining outdoors can be more casual where guest enjoy being part of the cooking and perpetration as well as serving themselves. Let your guest get involved!

Set an area where disposal tableware is convenient to grab for guest. Include plates, napkins and utensils along with any condiments

Provide garbage barrels out of site but easy for guests to clean up on their own


Seating- Provide Plenty

Either lounge chairs, folding chairs, benches, or stools

Group chairs and tables for easy conversation

Small tables, big long picnic table, or patio tables are all great for gathering around and enjoying a bite of food

outdoor porch

Clean up- Keep it Simple for Yourself

Have lots of garbage barrels available for easy disposal.

Label recycle bin and keep close to the beverages.

Use disposable items so clean up is easy.


Pool – Safety First

Ask adults to take turns supervising younger children around the pool.

Provide folding chairs if there is not enough seating around the pool area.

Ask guest to bring towels when you invite them over, but in case they forget, provide towels and have a large basket at hand so the towels can be dropped in one area- this will be easier than collecting around the yard the next day.

Provide a small metal bucket filled with sunscreen in case any of your guests forgot to bring their own.


Bugs – Keep Away

Citronella candles burning will help keep bugs away from entertaining areas.

If you have severe problems with bugs, consider fogging your yard about an hour before guest come.

Planting lemon grass in pots or throughout landscape can also help.

Mix equal parts of vinegar and water in a spray bottle, spray areas where you might have ants to keep them away.

Keep lots of bug spray on hand.

Burning fires tend to help keep the bugs away also and are great for ambiance

bug resistant plants


These simple but easy to follow suggestions can make you and your guests comfortable when they come to relax at your house. Enjoy the lazy days!

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