A Picture is Worth- What?

A Picture is Worth- What?

Did you know that adding one photo to a residential real estate listing increases the final sale price by up to 3.9% according to The Wall Street Journal article January 11, 2013. Interior photos are more effective than exterior shots although exterior shots help. They estimated that each photo adds about $150 to $200 to the final sale price.

In today’s selling market 90% of buyers are searching on line for their next home. You have 8 seconds to make an impression– not long, so imagine if the photo of your house looked like this



Both make an impression, but when selling a home you want to make the best positive impression you can. You want that buyer to take a second look, by coming to your house and viewing to see how beautiful your home really is.

In April I will be blogging on photography and what is key to grab the potential buyer. A professional agent should have the property styled and photographed- by that I mean not your cell phone shots that are blurred like…

out of focusOf course photographers charge for taking photos, just as a lawyer would charge for their services. When you are hiring a professional to help accomplish a goal, you are seeking their talent that you do not embrace yourself.  Understand that the photographs taken can affect the sale price and speed, which your house might sell; it is worth the investment. A good interior photographer will capture the architectural details that sell the home, and make that home resonate with buyers.

Stay posted to read up on tips and ideas for great photos that will help position your home to sell. You want the web seeker looking for a home to linger and take a second look.

Pictures are worth a thousand words, or even dollars when selling a home. If you are selling make sure your pictures are the best they can be.

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