Adding Color to Your Outdoor Spaces

Adding Color to Your Outdoor Spaces

Entertaining during the summer, where do you go??? Outdoors of course, adding color to your outdoor spaces is easier than you think, if you know what resources are available to you to do so.

I know the first thing that many people will think of are plants, but you can go so far beyond that to give your outdoor space personal touch and color you desire. Being a home stager in Orange County NY, I always advise my clients to pay attention to their outdoor spaces because these really are an extension of great living space. Color can add such a pop to an outdoor space, by using some of these elements you can create an atmosphere that is the talk of your friends.

Flowers- these can add beauty and color, annuals are great for all summer bloom, and perennials can add interest and back drop to a great garden. Why not repeat some of your selections in pots to balance your yard? Speaking of which…

Color Pots – are a great way to bring color and interest to the outdoors. Bright color pots to coordinate with your exterior house color can be awesome accessories.

Lighting – Why not add some paper lanterns in bright colors. They add interest and can be easily changed according to the mood you would like to create. color lanterns Throw Pillows – the great thing with these it that they bring the space together, the multiple prints and colors can set a mood for the outdoor space. They are relatively inexpensive and you can change them according to your mood.

Outdoor Rugs – these can pull together seating areas and really create a warm feeling in an open outdoor space. The great thing with these are that they are low maintenance and can create a focal point in a vast area.rug

Paint- spray that is- you have a few pieces of metal furniture or wood furniture that is not in that great of shape, think spray paint and in color! Think bases of tables, or chairs maybe a side table, all of these can add that little pop of color in just the right amount.

When thinking of your outdoor spaces, many can be treated similar to indoor spaces by using similar elements to update and make them feel cozy and areas that you just want to sit back and enjoy the summer.

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