Advantage of Home Staging

Advantage of Home Staging

Staging and Redesign created an info-graph showing home sellers the monetary advantage of staging a home prior to selling. It shows that IF a seller stages their home before they list it to sell, they will be reducing the time that the house is on the market. By reducing the time on the market the seller ends up saving money and actually making more money by staging first.

Take a lookReal cost of home staging


Not only are there reoccurring carrying costs (heat, electric, water, taxes, mortgage etc) that the seller continues to pay, but a house looses momentum and interest to buyers every month it is on the market. To entice buyers to become interested in a home that has not sold in over 90 days an Agent will suggest a price reduction to energize the listing again.

The cost of staging a home can run from 1% to 3% of the listing price of the home, depending on the condition of the home. On average a seller will see a 6% to 10% return on that investment. Staging will cost less than the first markdown you need to take on your home. 

Take a look for yourself, try out the Home Staging Saving Calculator plug in your numbers and see the difference of not staging a house, vs. having it staged first.


Design Solutions staged homes have averaged 52 days on the market. Staging works and saves sellers money. If you are thinking of putting your home on the market call Design Solutions first. It will save you money and will help you get your home sold!

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