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Organizing Your Life to be Easier

Organizing Your Life to be Easier

The title sounds good right? Organizing your life to be easier; but how do you do that with work, family, commitments coming at you from every direction?

We all have hectic lives, I run my Home Staging business in Orange County NY and have a family, participate in clubs and activities on a daily basis; probably much like you, so how can you gain your sanity? The first thing to do is realize what you need to do and how much time it takes to do each item. Realizing how much time additional tasks require will help you organize and prioritize.

keep calm

Having a checklist can help some people keep track of what they have done and what needs to be done. When you have a lot on your plate it is easy to forget things, and then you feel like you get nothing done. Set up a routine by segmenting your day by morning/afternoon/evening and extra tasks. Divide those segments of the day with what you need to do.

An example for the morning would be everything from getting ready in the morning, making the bed tiding up the bedroom, making and eating breakfast and pulling out something for dinner picking up and then collecting items before heading out the door. Do the same for each segment of the day.

Realize what the extra tasks are that need to be accomplished,  theses are the odd jobs that you need to decide when and where to fit them in each day to tackle the extra craze.

Set yourself a schedule if you have to if it makes it easier. I have a friend that goes so far as designating each day of the week for something extra she likes to do for herself. Monday’s she concentrates on her beauty routine because Monday starts with M like makeup, OK little too much for me too, but do whatever works so that the craze of life becomes easier daily.

And don’t forget, although everyone has pressures and you feel they may be putting demands on you, it’s OK to say no if you cannot do something. Be honest to yourself.

Set your goal for 2017 to have an easier life!





Choosing Colors for a New House

Choosing Colors for a New House

Exciting, you just bought a new house and you are ready to make it your home, Congratulations! Now materializes the task of picking colors for your new house. Where do you begin?

 Simple! Look towards the things that you love and are inspired by. Most naturally you will end up navigating towards those colors because you love them, but also consider some of your existing furnishings that have colors elements that you love. Colors in a new space should intrigue you not overwhelm you with concern.

colors to inspire

(Click on Image for Resource)

 The after you think you have narrowed the playing field when choosing colors, look at the fixed elements in the space. The fixed elements are items that are part of the house like the flooring, cabinetry, and countertops. Consider these when deciding what colors will work best in the space. Also consider the size of the rooms including the ceiling height.

Next find an item or two that represents the colors that you love and would like to have throughout your spaces. This could be a piece of art, a printed pillow, vase, collection of ______ you fill in that blank. With those items in mind and considering the fixed elements in your home, you can create a color pallet that can be repeated throughout. I typically advise clients to keep to no more than four colors per floor.

peacock vase


Now that you have narrowed down the four colors that you like it is time to then choose paints that will come close to those colors and will coordinate with them. Sometimes clients prefer to choose only one color for the walls throughout a floor of their new house and add the other colors through curtains, throws, pillows, rugs etc. I tend to always recommend the most neutral color for your walls and colors as accents through the room.

Seeds peacock colorscheme

 If you have any questions on choosing colors please connect. I would love to see the new colors you chose for your new home.

Other articles that may be of interest to you:

How to Use 2014 Colors to Decorate a Room

How to Use 2014 Colors to Decorate a Room

Wondering how to incorporate color trends to update a space in your home? Elle Décor created a room for each prominent color that Pantone has selected this year.

pantone 2014 colors

If you would like to see more check out The 2014 Color of the Year: How to Decorate with the Newest It Color

Combining Colors to Create a Look

Combining Colors to Create a Look

Wondering how to create a room with the new 2014 color trends? Behr paints have composed rooms with each of their color pallets combining their colors into spaces. Each color palette has two rooms using the same palette; you can easily see how the colors work with one another.Behr Urban Alternative color palette

Take a look at their color pallets Seaside Harmony, Urban Alternative, Grand Reign and Natural Avocation to get inspired!

The Right Color for a Room

The Right Color for a Room

Color is powerful, it speaks to every person differently.  Colors bring emotion to life. We all have our favorite colors and ones that we “absolutely will not go near.” So how do you choose a color to update a room?

People can agonize over paint colors more than they do for big ticket items that will be going in the same room. The funny thing is that the paint is the inexpensive part of the room that is so easily changed. When I work with clients either redecorating their spaces or getting their property ready to be sold, we always discuss colors in the room. Why? Because colors speaks to people in so many ways, but also it is easy to transform a space by just changing the color of the walls, and if using paint fairly inexpensively.

When looking for a color for a room remember to look at it in the space it will be in, and also consider the rooms that are surround it also. I recommend not using more than 4 colors through a level of a house, otherwise it can start feeling overwhelming.

Also consider the elements that you have within the space. The amount of light coming in from the windows, the furnishing in the space and the texture of the objects within that space. All of these complete a look of a room that will create an impression when you enter into the room.

Each year leaders in the paint and color industries create pallets that are to inspire a feeling coordinated with  the times. Yup, you can think of avocado, yellow and brown appliances- dated now but were the rage at the time…but aside from picking the right color you should also consider the finish of the paint once it is up on the wall.

There are various finishes and with those they help create the mood or feeling in the room along with the color. A matte finish will soften the feeling of the space, and scatters the light verses reflecting it as a gloss finish will. Gloss finish will give you that sparkle and accentuates the details. So when choosing your colors for the room consider the finish also. Of course if you are still overwhelmed by the whole process of choosing colors for a room, give me a call for a color consult. By narrowing down your choices and heading you in a direction it will give you confidence to choose the perfect color for your room.


Online Color Resources

Online Color Resources

I love this online magazine that PPG Industries has created to showcase 2014 color trends. Their palettes highlight beautiful colors throughout the spectrum that coordinate with each other. The mood for 2014 across the board for color choices is fresh soft pastels paired with rich bold tones.

 PPG Color Trend 2014


Not sure if the new colors will work in your space? Try out PPG color visualize The Voice of Color, you can take a photo of your room and try on various colors to see if they work, or take a picture of something you love to find colors to bring into your project. Other companies also have online tools that are fun to use to experiment before you take a leap towards color. Have fun and try out a few!

If you know of other tools that are helpful please let me know



2014 Color Trends

2014 Color Trends

Each year everyone that works with design are curious to see what the predicted new color trends are going to be from paint companies, PPG and Pantone. This year as ever year, color can make an impact not only on manufacturing, marketing but clothing and decorating. Color speaks differently to every person also, so to see the mix that is being forecasted helps us define our likes and dislikes.

I thought to make life easier for readers I would try and compile some of the information that I have researched and found. Kind of like one stop shopping for color trends.

Pantone the color gurus so to say, picked Radiant Orchid as the color for 2014. Whether that will be accepted by consumers is to be seen. The pallet they have chosen I think, tends to be softer in tone. I found it very interesting that Leatrice Eisemann from Pantone says that blue and greens can finally be considered neutrals, as well as accents. I feel that whenever you look to nature for a color pallet it does appear more neutral in our surroundings.

pantone 2014


PPG leading company of paints and coatings for all industries predicted 2014 color that Butter Cream Yellow will be the perfect hue to reflect “the spirit of Pause and Refresh” creating tranquility and of course complementing the blues and greens that are trending.PPG colors

Looking at the paint companies, Benjamin Moore has compiled a palette as they describe 2014 trends as a breath of fresh air. The grays are shifting more to blues, greens, lavenders and pinks. Soft filtered pastels again considering this palette the “new neutrals”

BM color trends 2014

Sherwin Williams has created their color pallet for 2014 based on inspirations. They have broken it to four categories for their Colormix 2014. To recap quickly Reasoned are their gray colors, Diaphanous are soft shades of pink, green and beige. Curiosity are deeper in saturation that Diaphanous and would be complementary to the other two categories. Last is Intrinsic that are deeper also and range from Polished Mahogany to a bright Capri blue.SW 2014 colors

Behr has also broken their color pallet for 2014 into four categories. Their goal is to help show how you can take a color palette and create a room within a particular pallet. I think this is helpful for those that feel they are color challenged when it comes to creating a room.Behr colors


The resounding trend I have seen are the more pastel, tranquil colors coming into the homes. They make a home feel like a sanctuary, and with the craziness in everyone’s life I like that idea.

If you transform a room this year send me pictures!

2014 Color Talk |Pantone’s Predictions

2014 Color Talk |Pantone’s Predictions

radiant orchid 2014 color by Pantone

The color predictions from Pantone each year raise feelings for everyone, some positive some negative. This coming year’s prediction for 2014 is Radiant Orchid, 2013 was Emerald Green and in 2012 was Tangerine Tango. The question is how do these translate to home decor and how do you use this color in a room.

“This blend of fuchsia, purple and pink undertones does, however, speak in murmurs of exoticism and enigma. Leatrice Eiseman, executive director of the Pantone Color Institute in a news release said: “Radiant Orchid inspires confidence and emanates great joy, love and health. It is a captivating purple, one that draws you in with its beguiling charm.”

Purple as a pop of color in decor

2014 Radiant Orchid is bold and soft at the same time. In feng shui design, purple is used to make your home feel more powerful and secure.  When decorating with vibrant colors that might not be your usual “go to” colors; but you are thinking maybe I can use that color to freshen up a room, the best way to work with them is to blend them with neutral colors throughout your décor and use the hue as a pop of color.

Adding a piece of art, or a statement piece in a room with gray or creamy white walls would be very striking. Not ready to redo every room in your home? Keep it simple by changing out a few pillows, or maybe add a vase that has the color. wrote an archive blog on how to bring purple into your decor making it an empowering color for the home.

When selling your home will these popular trending predicted colors sell your home?  Most likely not, buyers tend to like more neutral palettes so that they can envision their belongings in the house. But as I mentioned previously painting your walls a neutral color and using these trending colors as pops through a room, are easy to change out when you decide to sell. Remember color speaks differently to everyone. Do not assume just because Pantone a leader in choosing colors says this is the color to use, and that a buyer will like it. By staying neutral, but satisfying your color urge with accessories is always a safe way to go. Not sure how to make it work, give me a call I would love to help you achieve the look you are seeking.

Show me how you have incorporated the latest trending colors to update your rooms!

Fireplace Mantels for the Holidays

Fireplace Mantels for the Holidays

Everyone loves to dress up their home for the holidays and a focal point in many homes is the mantle above the fireplace.

I am one that likes the traditional look of greenery and poinsettias to adorn the fireplace to make it look festive. But over the years I am finding I am gravitating towards more of a winter theme vs. the holiday theme because if I do not get to taking it down right away it still looks nice in January.

silver trees

silver reindeer on mantel








However you dress your mantel it is personal, traditional and will leave everyone with a warm feeling of the holidays. Here are some ideas to inspire you, as they have me, over the years.

I love this trending turquoise blue color in decorations, it is so striking and the color just pops with the natural greenery, and branches.

turquoise blue mantel

blue white tree









The blue with the white creates a cool room that feels very wintry, while combining the blue with natural greens on the mantel it feels warmer.

If you like a more traditional look with evergreens and paper whites, these are beautiful additions to a room.

paper whites and greens on mantel

traditional mantel with paper whites









In the South and where magnolia branches are abundant, take advantage of them and mix them with fruits and warm candle light to create a striking mantel.

magnolia and peaches for a mantel

candle glowing among magnolia leaf









Of course using red and green to decorate a mantle is always handsome and agreeable with the colors of Christmas.

Red and Green Mantel

Red and bright green mantel

carnation wreathsI love the statement that these carnation wreaths make, such a pop of color!

In my search of favorite mantels I came across this adorable idea for the apartment dweller or home that might not have a real fireplace mantel to decorate. Create a canvas with chalk board paint to set the ambiance.

chalk board fireplace

However you decorate or create your mantel, it will bring warmth and the joy of the holidays to you and your family. Merry, Merry!


Garage Storage- Organized but Still Manly

Garage Storage- Organized but Still Manly

organized garage

Did you know that National Clean out your Garage Day is the Saturday after Labor Day? Well I obviously missed it but here are some ideas to get you inspired to get your garage in order (hint, hint Hubby)



If you are like my household the only time we somewhat organize our garage is when my husband gets the tractor ready for summer mowing, or in the fall when he gets it ready for winter plowing. This isn’t bad because we do edit a lot that we have been storing but we could be a little more organized through the rest of the year. This one room tends to be a big project, so schedule a weekend to do it.

It would be nice that it did not need to be a major undertaking every time, so here are some ideas (hint, hint hubby) that you can implement and feel like you have this space of your house under control, even if the rest isn’t.

Now is the time to get organized. First remove everything out of the garage, once you have everything out it gives you a better idea of the available space. As you pull things out question everything that you touch….

Do I need it?

When was it last used?

If I have not used it, and don’t have a need for it, recycle, throw out, or donate.

While narrowing down some of the items, group together like items– all gardening equipment, sports equipment, tools, camping equipment, automotive items, you get the picture. Now you know what you have and are keeping, it gives you a better idea as to the space you will need to store these items.

The items you do not use a frequently can be put higher up on the shelves or towards the back of the garage. storage binsUse a much vertical space as possible  when bringing items back into the garage- shelving units or storage cabinets are great for fitting a lot into a garage space. Your goal is to keep as much of the floor space open for parking cars.  Any bins you fill with items label, so you know what goes in them. Get in a habit of putting things back where you originally got them from, and make it a yearly priority to edit the garage at least once a year to maintain.

Best of luck, send me pictures of your organized garage…I might have one when we finally decide to move (wink, wink)