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Organizing Your Life to be Easier

Organizing Your Life to be Easier

The title sounds good right? Organizing your life to be easier; but how do you do that with work, family, commitments coming at you from every direction?

We all have hectic lives, I run my Home Staging business in Orange County NY and have a family, participate in clubs and activities on a daily basis; probably much like you, so how can you gain your sanity? The first thing to do is realize what you need to do and how much time it takes to do each item. Realizing how much time additional tasks require will help you organize and prioritize.

keep calm

Having a checklist can help some people keep track of what they have done and what needs to be done. When you have a lot on your plate it is easy to forget things, and then you feel like you get nothing done. Set up a routine by segmenting your day by morning/afternoon/evening and extra tasks. Divide those segments of the day with what you need to do.

An example for the morning would be everything from getting ready in the morning, making the bed tiding up the bedroom, making and eating breakfast and pulling out something for dinner picking up and then collecting items before heading out the door. Do the same for each segment of the day.

Realize what the extra tasks are that need to be accomplished,  theses are the odd jobs that you need to decide when and where to fit them in each day to tackle the extra craze.

Set yourself a schedule if you have to if it makes it easier. I have a friend that goes so far as designating each day of the week for something extra she likes to do for herself. Monday’s she concentrates on her beauty routine because Monday starts with M like makeup, OK little too much for me too, but do whatever works so that the craze of life becomes easier daily.

And don’t forget, although everyone has pressures and you feel they may be putting demands on you, it’s OK to say no if you cannot do something. Be honest to yourself.

Set your goal for 2017 to have an easier life!





Additional Room- Making New Spaces

Additional Room- Making New Spaces

Do you have a space that you wish you could do something with, or do you have a need for a(n)________________? You fill in the blank.

Take a look around your home because you might find you have more space that you realized.




Basements- This is an obvious space that many will tackle. When approaching the space though make sure that it serves the purpose of the needs that you have in mind. Plenty of storage to be organized, and easy access to utilities that are placed in the basement level.




attic space


Attics- There is a lot of potential in attics if more room is something you need. Although the ceiling line may slant take advantage of that empty space by adding dressers that are flush with the new wall. Add seating with storage underneath for a cozy reading corner.




Under steps– I have seen some fabulous storage and desk spaces created under the eaves of steps. Not only can you put a small desk in this space, but add some shelves or cabinets to add additional storage. This spot is doubling useful space because of the storage, and it can be a work space if needed like the bar set up.

under steps

step storage







Closets – this is one project in my house I am looking to tackle in the next year. By adding shelves, storage bins, racks you can gain more space in this tiny area. Using pocket doors, a barn door, bi-folds open the space more.

I especially like the way this closet is set up by like colors- makes finding things a lot easier!

colored closet

Shelves– Simple shelves can fit into a corner of a small room and be used in place of a night table or to display fun art, books, and trinkets.

A leaning shelf unit can be a great spot for cook books, herbs and spices. Adding a piece that has storage for glasses, bottles and cocktail accessories can help with the lack of cabinet space


Reach Up– by going vertical  you can create a lot of storage space especially in small areas. Add a cubby system that can hold everyday items that you feel are taking over your room. This is a great for family rooms that have movies, games, toys extra pillows etc.

use upward space


When looking for space in your home, think and evaluate the space you already have. There is a good chance you have space that is being underutilized that can become the needed area you felt you could never have. Send me pictures of the areas you “discovered”!

Mudrooms and Storage Spaces

Mudrooms and Storage Spaces

Fall reminds me of apple picking, school starting, cooler weather and moving indoors.

Speaking of indoors how do you handle all the additional gear that is used in the fall and winter months? I have been looking into mud rooms, a place to hang your coat and store all the stuff that gets dropped at the door and have found some really nice ideas that I felt worthy of sharing with everyone.

First off, if you have the space in your house- you are LUCKY! I loved this space that had room for hanging coats, a bench and then all the storage. It keeps everything in order, and looking clean.

hanging room


Even using a hall way I thought was a great idea with built ins, drawers and hanging spaces. Although this hall is narrow keeping everything white and bright keeps the space feeling open and satisfies the need.


This laundry area keeps everything handy. Just think, your kids have been out playing in the rain and mud, when they come in they can remove it all and be thrown in the wash. Great space for muddy animals too.

laundry mudroom

Some of us do not have as much space in our homes to dedicate as a mud room, but I loved this entrance hall. The table- not too big cleverly mounted along the wall and hooks to hang all the coats. I might have changed out the picture for a shelf with baskets to collect all those hats, scarves and mittens though. narrow hall

This bench is great for storage and an easy place to sit and put your shoes on and off.


 And I love, love, love this idea of shelves going up the steps to house belongings- great use of space and it looks great too.



To save money you can also buy units vs. having built-ins. This is a good option for people that move frequently or living in a temporary setting because you can always move them with you. As you can see you can purchase multiple of the same units or mix it up to have a bench and taller units for storage.

Storage does not have to be boring, or mudrooms messy, with a little thought where to collect everything you can actually enhance a space!