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Garage Storage- Organized but Still Manly

Garage Storage- Organized but Still Manly

organized garage

Did you know that National Clean out your Garage Day is the Saturday after Labor Day? Well I obviously missed it but here are some ideas to get you inspired to get your garage in order (hint, hint Hubby)



If you are like my household the only time we somewhat organize our garage is when my husband gets the tractor ready for summer mowing, or in the fall when he gets it ready for winter plowing. This isn’t bad because we do edit a lot that we have been storing but we could be a little more organized through the rest of the year. This one room tends to be a big project, so schedule a weekend to do it.

It would be nice that it did not need to be a major undertaking every time, so here are some ideas (hint, hint hubby) that you can implement and feel like you have this space of your house under control, even if the rest isn’t.

Now is the time to get organized. First remove everything out of the garage, once you have everything out it gives you a better idea of the available space. As you pull things out question everything that you touch….

Do I need it?

When was it last used?

If I have not used it, and don’t have a need for it, recycle, throw out, or donate.

While narrowing down some of the items, group together like items– all gardening equipment, sports equipment, tools, camping equipment, automotive items, you get the picture. Now you know what you have and are keeping, it gives you a better idea as to the space you will need to store these items.

The items you do not use a frequently can be put higher up on the shelves or towards the back of the garage. storage binsUse a much vertical space as possible  when bringing items back into the garage- shelving units or storage cabinets are great for fitting a lot into a garage space. Your goal is to keep as much of the floor space open for parking cars.  Any bins you fill with items label, so you know what goes in them. Get in a habit of putting things back where you originally got them from, and make it a yearly priority to edit the garage at least once a year to maintain.

Best of luck, send me pictures of your organized garage…I might have one when we finally decide to move (wink, wink)

Mudrooms and Storage Spaces

Mudrooms and Storage Spaces

Fall reminds me of apple picking, school starting, cooler weather and moving indoors.

Speaking of indoors how do you handle all the additional gear that is used in the fall and winter months? I have been looking into mud rooms, a place to hang your coat and store all the stuff that gets dropped at the door and have found some really nice ideas that I felt worthy of sharing with everyone.

First off, if you have the space in your house- you are LUCKY! I loved this space that had room for hanging coats, a bench and then all the storage. It keeps everything in order, and looking clean.

hanging room


Even using a hall way I thought was a great idea with built ins, drawers and hanging spaces. Although this hall is narrow keeping everything white and bright keeps the space feeling open and satisfies the need.


This laundry area keeps everything handy. Just think, your kids have been out playing in the rain and mud, when they come in they can remove it all and be thrown in the wash. Great space for muddy animals too.

laundry mudroom

Some of us do not have as much space in our homes to dedicate as a mud room, but I loved this entrance hall. The table- not too big cleverly mounted along the wall and hooks to hang all the coats. I might have changed out the picture for a shelf with baskets to collect all those hats, scarves and mittens though. narrow hall

This bench is great for storage and an easy place to sit and put your shoes on and off.


 And I love, love, love this idea of shelves going up the steps to house belongings- great use of space and it looks great too.



To save money you can also buy units vs. having built-ins. This is a good option for people that move frequently or living in a temporary setting because you can always move them with you. As you can see you can purchase multiple of the same units or mix it up to have a bench and taller units for storage.

Storage does not have to be boring, or mudrooms messy, with a little thought where to collect everything you can actually enhance a space!