Colors in Landscapes

Colors in Landscapes

How do you make the colors work within your landscape? Colors pop in landscaping drawing the eye toward the beautiful plantings. The question is how do you use color to make an impact? It really isn’t any different than creating a color palette for a room.

You first have to look at the architectural colors that the landscaping will be surrounding. Depending on those colors you can choose a color scheme that intrigues your senses.  First become familiar with a color wheel and then it will be easy to choose which direction you are thinking of going in.colorwheel

complementary color scheme is colors that are opposite one another on the color wheel. So let’s say you have a yellow house, purples and blue would be very pretty mixed in with some yellows. Due to these colors being opposite one another they stand out, making a bold statement.

Another color scheme that I have seen beautifully done is an analogous color scheme where you take one color on the color wheel and use the colors on either side. These create a serene look by using one of the colors as the more dominate colors and the other two to complement it. Think of marigolds, they come in an analogous ray of colors and work very well with each other.

Doing all one color in various shades from light to dark is known as a monochromatic scheme. I happen to walk by this house and fell in love with what they did in their window boxes using the color of the house and the plantings to create a beautiful display. The varying shades are green look balanced and are appealing to the eye.DSC_0070a

Since plants are not all the exact same color these three main color scheme will gain various results which is the beauty of nature. Having the basic knowledge and goal in mind when planning your landscape will get you started in creating an outstanding landscaping plan. I enjoy observing how colors work with one another in my landscape each year. I make note, move things, add things and each year my beds become more and more stunning as time goes on.

I would love to see some of your successful combinations that you have created.


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