Curb Appeal | How to Impress

Curb Appeal | How to Impress

Ok you decided you are putting your property on the market and over the winter you have been preparing your house. Now that spring is here how about the outside, does your curb appeal impress? What can you do to spruce up the look of your house?


1.      Take a look at the shrubs and bushes around your property, are they cut back so you can actually see the house? Are they trimmed enough so the light can come in through the windows? Are they looking lush or are their bare spots throughout the bush, dead or broken off limbs? If so trim them back so they look lush, and healthy, make sure they frame the house and not overwhelm your house.
2. The lawn; do you have a well established lawn that comes up green and beautiful during the growing season? If not have the soil tested to see what you might need to amend the soil to help the grass come in rich, and full and green. Through the growing season make sure you maintain the lawn by keeping it mowed, patch any bare spots, fertilize and water when needed.

3. Beds that complement the foundation shrubs and bushes. I know many times I see people have taken the first two steps and forget this one. The beds around your home help bring character and charm to your property. By adding colorful annuals you can bring real life to the outside of your home. Annuals give you big color through the growing season in the summer months. Check with you local nursery which plants thrive in your area.

colorful landscaping in beds and along walkwakes

4. Walk ways and driveways are gateways into your home. Make sure they are in good repair. Replace lose stone on the driveway if it has been washed away due to snowplowing or rain. Repair your walkways so no one trips or stumbles. Although to some this may seem like an unnecessary expense it is not. When a buyer sees these things in disrepair they may wonder what other problems lurk within the house.

5. Lighting is one of the easiest I think to update a home. Many times we move into our homes and hate the builder fixtures but never do anything about them. This little investment can make a difference. If you have good proportioned sized lights outside, notice I said proportioned sized lights- many times lights are too small for the area they are to light, make sure they do the job they are suppose to. Also they should be clean and free of cob webs, glass is not broken, light bulbs working.

Be aware that you have less than 10 seconds to make an impression on a buyer. Make sure they don’t turn away but want to go further and explore the house of their dreams!

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