Designing Rooms that People and Pets Love

Designing Rooms that People and Pets Love

Pets are part of the family; anyone that owns an animal protects them and gives them freedoms in their living spaces. Have you ever been to someone else’s home and felt that they needed to handle their animals better? Like really??!!? Don’t they understand that not everyone feels the same as they do?

Being an owner of many pets and animals I appreciate those that have four legs, but being a designer I can understand how some people feel that they should not be taking over the house. I had a client once that really wanted privacy in her city condo, but refused to decorate in fear that her cats would claw apart any window treatment she put in. To me there is a limit, animals are pets and we do not need to surrender our places to them. We can arrange our spaces and homes to accommodate animals with the objective to make our living and those that visit enjoyable.

When remodeling our kitchen there were some requirements that had to be met by everyone in our house, including our two dogs and fish. The kids no longer wanted to go out to the “freezing garage” to get something out of the chest freezer when needed for dinner and we needed an area for our two labs so they were not underfoot when we cooked.

So how did we arrange our kitchen to accommodate everyone?

kitchen with full fridge and freezerThe freezer moved inside; note it has raised panels so it looks like the other cabinets- big trend now in kitchen design.

The dogs? No we did not get rid of them, we gave them their own spot to escape to by setting up their own crate/beds under our book cases which they love.Dog Crate under bookshelves

So you can have it all, people  and pets in all of your spaces. Here are some other great pictures from my Pinterest Board that show ways animals can live with us, seamlessly. Send me your ideas that you have created or worked out to accommodate your four legged friends!


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