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Kitchen Trends for 2015 and Beyond

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When building new, or thinking of remodeling a kitchen, being aware of trends helps in the decision making process. Trends are different than fads fashions that come and go. When considering renovations translating the trends as to what will become main stream and what will be gone tomorrow is important to decipher. When decorating or renovating understand what is a trend verse a fad  might help you avoid a costly mistake down the road.

What is the new direction with kitchens? Recently the trend has been showing a more streamline look has been trending. Cabinets are smooth, absent of raised panels but in a variety of finishes. The appliances – dishwasher and refrigerator are integrated into the design of the kitchen covered with panels to blend with the cabinetry. Counters have sliding covers that extend the countertop space, concealing the cook top or kitchen sink, but can be slid back for easy access to the sink or cook top. This trend can be interpreted into a modern, contemporary direction with a glossy finish, but if you are more traditional the finish can be done in a wood. The traditional raised wood panel cabinetry is still being used with enhancements of trims, this makes the kitchen feel more regal verses intergrated fridge

Color of cabinetry is another consideration. Wood tones, browns, and whites tend to be the most popular choices but for those that want to add a bit of color, using a combination of cabinetry can give you the drama in the kitchen. An island that is a different color or finish can be just the pop in the room that you are looking for. No space for an island? Consider using a different finish or color on your upper cabinets than the lowers.  When considering color, and you do not have the confidence that it is the right choice, lean towards keeping the hard elements (cabinets, counters, floors and back splash) more neutral in similar color and tone, then add color on the walls which can be easily changed and not become a costly “whoops.”modern kitchen cabinets in gray

As with the finish of the cabinets, the hardware is also a consideration that will complete the look of the kitchen. There is a vast array of hardware available that can be considered the “jewels” of the kitchen. Silver toned hardware has been the direction for quite some time, now a burnished gold tone is becoming popular but it is not the same as the brass that was popular thirty years ago. Depending on the color and the style of the cabinetry find a metal tone that complements it. If the two blend harmoniously the look will become classic. For instance although the burnished gold is now trending, it may not complement a smooth finished gray cabinet.

Counter tops, durability is key and the options are vast depending on budget. The style of the kitchen will direct the best material for the counter top. Quart, granite and butcher block are popular choices. But “green” choices such as recycled glass, concrete and compressed paper could be considered.

Still unsure how to decipher fads verse trends? Contact a professional in the business. Either someone at a store that deals specifically in kitchens, a decorator, or designer that knows the trends and can help you achieve your dream kitchen in mind. Even hiring them for a few hours to develop a plan to accomplish the look you are hoping to achieve is worth every penny verse making a costly mistake and feeling like you have to live with it for years to come.

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