Organized… the Happy Balance

Organized… the Happy Balance

As the holiday decorations were put away, I did work on editing and organizing “like” things so that next year it will be a little easier to find my decorations. By going through and removing the items that I have not used for the past three years, and are no longer “in fashion” felt good knowing I will have a little less to deal with next year.

When it comes to organizing and ridding your home of clutter I think the challenge is finding that happy balance. The balance that makes you feel at peace within a space. I do have my collections and those could be considered clutter by some, but they are also the pieces that make the room feel like home to me.


Laura Gakill wrote a blog that I felt asked key questions that might help you find the happy balance in your home when deciding what to eliminate and what to keep.

  1. Does the item(s) give you warm memories?  A project your child made for you, an item passed down over the generations, something you found on a vacation that brings you back there. Those are items you will probably not part with. If they do not resonate in your heart any feeling – edit them out of your life.
  2. Does it speak to you? Another words when you look at the item do you think “that is so me?”  or is it just an item in the room.
  3.  Does it get in your way? Clutter- remove
  4. Does it inspire you? Do you feel inspired and see a way of incorporating that inspiration in your home. A collection of items can make a wonderful statement in a room. If they inspire you, keep them, if not discard.
  5. How do you feel when you look at it? If it makes you feel irritable remove or change it. Sometimes a couch, room color or object can be bothering us. By removing or changing it the room can have a whole new feeling.

This may not be the total solution but it is a way to begin to make your spaces more appealing to yourself. Let me know what you did to start “organizing” and creating the happy balance for yourself this year! Best for 2013!


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