Occupied Staging

Staging a House Can Yield on Average a

300% Return On Investment

RESA Award Top Ten USA Occupied Professional StagerAre you thinking of selling within the year, or has your house lingered on the market more than two months? Starting with a Simple Staging Consult, Design Solutions KGP identifies opportunities tailored to fit your needs and budget in order to optimize your homes features and enhance the homes resale.

During the consultation:

  • We walk through the entire property outside to inside, upstairs and down to determine the priorities to obtain the biggest bang on your investment
  • Recommend cosmetic enhancements which might include paint color, lighting, flooring, window treatments, and/or accessories to update rooms where needed
  • Provide organizing and storage direction
  • Suggest curb appeal enhancement
  • Priority list will be created based on areas that need changes and enhancements to impress buyers
  • We will suggest ways to use your existing furnishing, or suggest rentals if needed, to transform rooms desirable to your targeted buyer
  • We discuss the steps involved in staging a property, and the advantages of staging and tailor a plan based on need and budget
  • Take photos to identify any possible styling changes needed for in the home for MLS photos prior to listing

The attention to details will amaze you! Staging protects the equity in your house, stage before listing. Design Solutions will guide you according to your needs to style your house to beat the competition, all within your budget.  This will take 1 1/2 to 2 hours ~ starting at $200.00

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