‘Green Way’ to Decorate Rooms

remodeling can help update a roomWant to spruce up your existing look? Not sure where to place your furniture in a room when you move to a new home, or have a decorating dilemma? We have Design Solutions that will revive your décor.

What this can include:

  • Optimizing furniture placement so the rooms flow
  • Color consultation, find a cohesive color palate that will inspire you
  • Re-mix furnishings to awaken items you already own in your home
  • Find fabrics and accessories that will rejuvenate your home to convey warmth and cohesion
  • Create simplicity in the room by pairing down clutter and organizing spaces
  • Select and guide you in purchases, the focus is improving the home for the homeowner rather than the buyer
  • Setting up for a party, holiday or an event to make your home shine

If you are ready to create a polished environment that has a dramatic effect contact us today!

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