Want vs. Need

Want vs. Need

We realize we may have what we need to live but want is what motivates us. When marketing a house it is important to focus on what a buyer wants, not just needs. By doing so it will give your clients what they are actually interested “in.”

Think about it, when you are in a store buying an item what makes you want to purchase it. Most likely you have a purse/computer/pair of shoes but something that you saw/heard or feel makes you want the item even though you don’t need the item, but you purchase it anyway.

When selling a house staging makes sure the house satisfies the want not so much the need. The Buyers have already stated their needs, and an agent shows them listings that satisfies those. Staging helps make the house speak to buyers wants. Some of the wants a professional stager concentrates when preparing a house are:

Ease– this is a powerful want, we want to make our life easier. More rooms, more space, does a buyer need a gourmet kitchen, or know how to use all the gadgets in it- no but we want those features.

gourmet kithen

Physical Comfort– we all love to feel good, it indulges our ego.

Does a buyer need a five piece master bath En Suite to get clean and take care of their personal needs, not necessarily but  they want a bathroom that feels like a place to distress, like a spa at the end of the day.

master spa


Mental Stimulation– we need to break the monotony in our lives, we like something that stimulates our minds and makes us think.

Will a house sell with dated décor and furniture, eventually. But if you update the home with furniture and accessories that are current as seen in magazines and TV shows it stimulates their imagination to be able to live like that too. They want to live like that.

alligator pictures

Social Acknowledgement– our perception of our self is based on how others perceive us.

Décor and furnishing, freshly painted walls and lots of light is what buyers want, it give them a feeling of a house they can impress others with. Not one that has clutter, in need of repairs and walls scuffed up it satisfies the needs but does not drive a buyer to the want.

 When listing a house, need is important but the want is more of a driving force.

Unsure how to create the want in your house? Give me a call to set up a consultation.

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