What, Why, When | Home Staging

What, Why, When | Home Staging


Home Staging is using limited funds, practical creativity and extraordinary expertise to professionally preparing a home to sell so that it becomes infinitely more attractive to potential buyer. A professionally staged home sells quickly, for more money while in turn becoming a small investment for the home seller but that investment allows greater home sale earnings.” Audra Slinkey, President of HSR


Some Realtors and home sellers will say that they have already “staged” their homes only to find that they will be lowering their price within the month. There is a vast difference between a home that was simply de-cluttered and cleaned and one that was professionally staged! Creating the “model home” look is not easily achieved without the help of someone who does this everyday for a living. By staging your home professionally it will resonate stronger with buyers compelling buyers to consider your home seriously in their search.


What are the advantages of professionally staging your home?

Sellers Have a Difficult Time Being Objective – This is your home, a place where you have created memories, spent time, effort making it feel like yours, putting your imprint- personality into the spaces. Now you need to realize that once the house is put on the market it is a product vying for buyers to look at it over all the other house in the market. It needs to appeal to buyers not you.

You Will Make More Money – According to the National Association of Realtors (NAR) the average staging investment is between 1 to 4% of the home’s listing price; that investment generates a return between 8 to 10%.  A professional Home Stager knows how to direct you in investing money to prepare your home.

Creating a Product that Resonates with Buyers –A professional Home Stager is an expert at marketing the inside of a home so the spaces emotionally respond to buyers. By focusing on how to package a house a Home Stager utilizes key elements in your rooms and will enhance the spaces so buyers respond to the product, your largest investment your house. We help you protect the equity in your home.

Ease the Pressures of Selling – Putting a house on the market can be stressful. How do you prepare the house for sale, what are buyers looking for, how do you organize and declutter- what is the difference? A professional Home Stager will help create logic from the chaos, they will recommend updates that will give you a return on your investment and show you ways to improve upon your spaces for a minimal investment.

Benefits the Marketing of the Home – Today 90% of buyers look for their next home online. If the pictures of the rooms do not resonate with buyers, they will not schedule an appointment to see the property. Did you know according the NAR (National Association of Realtors) that a stage home is 80% more likely to be scheduled to be seen by buyers over a home that has not been professionally staged. The more traffic you have through your home, the sooner it will sell.





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