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Karen Gray-Plaisted has been selected by RESA – Real Estate Staging Association repeatedly as a Top Ten Professional Stager in the USA

2013 Top Ten Rising Professional Home Staging Star in USA and Canada


RESA Award Top Ten USA Occupied Professional Stager

2016 Top Ten Professional Home Stager in USA- Occupied Residents


Karen from Design Solutions KGP is truly a professional and has an amazing eye for design. My builder was in need of a staging company for one of our spec homes. Prospective buyers were having a difficult time visualizing how furniture would fit. The home has a living/dining room combo and an angled fireplace in the family room (which created a challenge). Karen walked into the home and immediately visualized how everything would fit. She staged the home with furniture, area rugs, and decorations…the house came to life! It only took 42 days of this home being staged until it was SOLD!! We then moved the furniture into another spec home and in less than 15 days, I have an offer! I would definitely recommend Design Solutions KGP!                                                                                                                             – Beata C, Sales Manager Middletown, NY

I had recently listed a home and had given Karen’s name to the homeowners because we thought staging would be helpful. She more than exceeded our expectations and transformed the home without them having to spend a lot of money. We had an accepted offer on the home if a very short time.                                                                               – Chris – BHG Warwick, NY

I really appreciate how you went through our home and helped us set our priorities as to where to begin getting ready to put our house on the market. I think your suggestions make a lot of sense and you really motivated me. I’m ready to get this house sold. Thank you for all your help!
– Debbie K-H, Homeowner Warwick, NY

…As you might imagine, once we put the house on the market, we were swept up into a whirlwind of non-stop activity! We had an offer within just a few weeks of listing, from one of the first prospective buyers to come through. They saw 36 homes in one weekend and fell in love with ours, saying it was far and above the nicest one they had seen. Thank you for all your help!
– Nora R – Homeowner Montebello, NY

Karen is a professional with exceptional skills. She was able to discern what was needed in each room of the house and execute the changes necessary. I felt that she and I concurred on many changes that needed to be made to stage my house. She was never imposing either. Karen was able to use what I had in different place through the house which made more sense. She also sources items that are tasteful and inexpensive. Her results are remarkable! I am extremely pleased with the results. I only wish I had known of her services sooner!
– Debbie H – Homeowner Warwick, NY

You really helped us showcase our house. The buyers said “all of our things will fit quite well in this space.” If we had not followed your recommendations I really believe that they would not have made an offer so quickly. Thank you for you time and help, getting our house sold.
– Brendon I – Homeowner Port Jervis, NY

Karen was a joy to work with. Where I was overwhelmed and apprehensive, she was confident and reassuring. Professional and approachable, she staged our home in a way we can live with. It looks like our home, not a showroom.
– Valerie L – Homeowner Warwick, NY

Thanks for your tireless suggestions and help redecorating my living room. My family says it is the nicest room in the house and I live with all males that usually don’t make comments about interior decorating! My younger son said every time he walks by the room he is drawn into it because it feels so good. I still can’t get over what a difference your simple idea of moving the dining room rug to the living room made to complete the look! The colors you suggested for the paint are perfect and they compliment the rest of the house. I also appreciate your other ideas that helped me stay within my budget. You really know the right places to shop! Thanks again for working with me and guiding me in all the right directions.
– Joyce M – Homeowner Norfolk, MA

I was at my wit’s end with a small two-bedroom apartment in Westchester County. I had some nice traditional pieces but each room was completely devoid of character and stylistic uniformity. Karen has worked her magic and made my apartment a place I now want to show off. Before she even began with the transformation, Karen was able to clearly envision each room as it should be. She very patiently guided me through decision choices that gave each room appeal. For the living/dining room, Karen recommended the addition of sassy floor-to-ceiling curtains that brightened the space, gave it an interesting focal point, and pulled out the most beautiful, yet subtle, colors in the existing oriental rug. The same was achieved with throw pillows. She also advised that a large cumbersome dining table be replaced with a modern glass table to complement the traditional dining chairs and give the illusion of additional space in the room—the result was fantastic. She even directed me to a specific artist whose work would help pull the entire room together. As for the bedrooms, updated window treatments, new bed coverings and headboards, and colorful wall paint transformed the spaces from drab to exciting. Karen has a true talent in home décor and her candor is refreshing. If you are thinking of updating any of your rooms with simple yet dramatic improvements, Karen is the person with whom you want to work.
– Lisa B – Homeowner Eastchester, NY

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    Shelley Rossitto May 30 2016 - 9:04 am Reply

    My husband and I have bought and sold 10 houses in our lifetime. His job has taken us to many places. The selling process has always been something I felt I had no control over. This year Karen taught me about “staging.” I had a strict timeline to sell my house because we were building another one. She was extremely knowledgeable, easy to work with and obviously right on the money with her suggestions because our house sold in 3 hours!!! It was definitely due to her suggestions in making the house a place a person could imagine themselves living in as she always said. We depersonalized, decluttered and learned to live simpler. In the process I realized how much I actually I had and didn’t necessarily need. Our house sale almost fell through so we put it back on the market. We sold it again within a week!!! Every bit of feedback from those that saw it said it was lovely, great floor plan, and neat. It could never of happened without her. After selling 10 houses I have the experience to know that her partnership made this experience work great. Thanks Karen!!!

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      Karen GP Aug 7 2016 - 7:44 pm Reply

      So glad this went smoothly and the logistics associated with selling were in our control to make buyers love your house! My pleasure to assist.

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    Samantha R Aug 7 2016 - 7:31 pm Reply

    My Husband and I hired Karen to help with home stadging when we put our house up for sale.We knew that our house was older and it needed some updates, but we didn’t feel like it was necessary to make those changes since we wanted to move right away. With Karen’s expertise, we got a ton of showings! It made a world of difference, the parts of the home that I thought we’re going to make it unsellable were unnoticed because of the beautiful decorating Karen did. We got not one but TWO offers! Fabulous work Karen!

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