Your House SOLD!! Now WHAT??

Your House SOLD!! Now WHAT??

CONGRATULATIONS!!!  Now it’s time to  get organize. How, you say?

Start with notifying people of your office
Go to your local Post Office pick up a change of address kit. This will help you to inform everyone where you are headed. Don’t forget to notify banks,  credit card and  insurance companies, Doctor offices anyone that you are in contact with on a regular basis.

 If you have not already packed some of your belongings this is the time to start. When doing so, break it down by room it’s more manageable this way. The room that you use the least every day is the first place to start. In my house it would be the dining room. Pack anything that you know you will not be using within the next three months AND when doing so envision how you want your new home to feel. MovingBoxesThis is a great time to streamline your clutter and stuff. Keep in mind the vision of your new home, do you really want to have to unpack all that clutter that you will never use at your new abode? If you’re like me I am sure I still have a box or two in the attic that was moved from the last house. Get rid of it! Sell, donate or throw it out why take the extra baggage?  As you pack each piece imagine wrapping, physically carrying to your new house, unpacking and finding a space for it. If it’s worth the effort do it, if not get rid of it, it’s time to let it go. On a weekend or when you have some extra hands to help, tackle the Outside– all that outdoor stuff. This might be a little overwhelming , start with the front of the house, get rid of anything that is broken or does not work…. hoses that leak, pots that are broken,  toys that your kids no longer play with,  furniture or tools that you haven’t used or know you will need to replace because they are in disrepair. Remember keep in mind  what your new home is going to be like….

As you pack up each room remembered you will need essentials for the very first day once you arrive at your new home. Make a “OPEN ME FIRST” box, it’s sort of like the first gift in the house. Make sure to include basics like toilet paper, tools (screwdriver, hammer etc), trash bags, light bulbs, shower curtain, a few towels, sheets for the beds. These few items will help the craziness of moving day go a little smoother so that you start settling into your new home and loving it right away!

Share with me any “essentials” you were happy that you needed the first day in your new house!

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