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Tips How to Stage to Sell

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Tips to stage are invaluable when it comes to selling real estate. How and when to stage your home to sell.


You decided it’s time to put your house on the market. Preparing now will help you sell your home faster and for more money. Start with these tips as soon as you decide you are ready to list.


First CLEAN, CLEAN and CLEAN some more. If you can’t get it clean, replace it. There is nothing that turns a buyer off more than dirt. Think of your home (although it is a larger investment) as you would selling a car. Would you not clean it inside and out before you put that “For Sale” sign on it?  Same for your house, detail it. If you have to paint the trim on the doors, change out the light switch, or replace the rugs, do it before your house goes on the market.

Open cabinets, closets, drawers, and refrigerators – buyers do and you want to make sure that yours are cleaned out and looking spacious to buyers. As a rule of thumb, pack anything that they know you will not be using within six months. While doing that ask yourself- TRUTHFULLY will I ever use this or when was the last time I used it? If the answer is not all that positive, get rid of it! Less clutter for your new home!

clean before selling


Once you have done the cleaning OBJECTIVELY look at your rooms. Are the paint colors neutral, fresh looking and…here it comes again, CLEAN? If you still have 1990″s wallpaper borders and sponged walls it’s time to invest in some paint and start painting. Think of it this way, you are probably thinking “uh, I don’t want to do all this work before I move”, do you think a buyer is going to want to spend all this money to purchase your house AND then spend money and time painting? If you don’t want to do it, nor does a buyer and they will find a house they don’t have to do it in.

Light Fixtures

Now that the rooms are clean and you have a neutral slate, how are the light fixtures? Do you see cheap builder ones, Hollywood bulb lights in the bathrooms or 1980 knockoff Tiffany? If so time to update lights with the times. Unless your home is true mid-century style, time to change a few of those out. Remember lights are like hairstyles, they change.inexpensive light fixture


Arrange the rooms so they are easy to walk through. Maybe some of your furniture has to go into storage, be given to a friend, family member, donated or moved into different rooms. Many of my clients say “I still need all of this” and I understand that for your next home; but if you are selling keep in mind less is more. You would be surprised how much we can do without if we have to. This is not when your own personal tastes should stand out, the house is the center stage. 

Last is adding those modern touches that we all see in the TV shows that make us “ooh and ahh.” Although you may be using your same bed you can update the bedding to make it look more luxurious to buyers and inviting.

create feeling in each room


Not sure you can pull it off? Call a local professional stager in your area. They have a ton of suggestions and will help you make the most of what you have to enhance your property to sell.

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