Get High Quality Services For:

Occupied Staging – this is for the home owner that is preparing their home and getting ready to move. Did you know staging prior to listing your home, you will sell your home in a shorter period of time, and for more money.

Vacant Staging – this service is for a house that has no furnishings. Did you know only 10% of buyers can visualize what a room or home can look like? Staging brings value and style to a vacant home. Buyers imagine themselves as “I want to live like this”; therefore making an offer. Do not list an empty house – stage first.

Re-Design – this service is for the home owner that is tired of their decor, wanting to update and improve their spaces. Many of us move in, put our own style in our homes and never think about it again. Re-Design is an inexpensive way to keep your home up-to-date by using what you already own, adding updated details to refresh a space.

Dwell to Sell– Love your home, but maybe it needs a lot or a little updating? When updating how do you get the bang for the buck when you eventually sell? This service is for you! We begin with a consult and evaluate your home, deciding what can be utilized and kept, and what needs to be updated.  Bang for your buck is the goal while preparing for selling in the next few years.

Additional Design Services – need help with color selection, organizing, selecting furnishing for a room, creating photography for listing your home, or simple curb appeal ideas? Design Solutions can help with these instead of you having to spin your wheels and wasting time. Let us help you make your life easier by contacting us today!


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