Home Staging Services to Show Case Your Property

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Professional Home Staging

Buyers look for a lifestyle, not just a house. Knowing what you must change to attract buyers and entice offers is only half the challenge; the other half is knowing how to do it. Design Solutions KGP provides homeowners with valuable tools to improve the perceived value of a home.

Professional home staging helps put your property on the fast track to a profitable sale

  • Staged homes sell 88% faster than Non-staged homes
  • Staging creates value and a lifestyle setting buyers love
  • Staging Protects your equity
  • Staging brings stronger offers and a faster sale

The longer your house lingers on the market, the more it affects your profitability. Design Solutions KGP awarded home staging has allowed sellers to see offers in 2 to 30 days

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Home Staging Services

Staging Protects your equity, allows your property to stand above your competition

Ready, Set, Stage

You have less than 8 seconds to grab a buyer’s attention! All home staging services begin with a consultation, reviewing your property as a buyer would.  We create a clear actionable list to prepare your property, evaluating key areas that buyers will connect to, allowing them to bid quickly and strongly.

Occupied Staging

Gain the upper hand over the competition. Home staging perfectly packages your property for sale. We transform main rooms with accessories and furnishing that will complement and coordinate with your existing decor. Transforming your property will add value, allowing you to sell faster.

Vacant Staging

Transform a bare, uninviting space, into a comfortable cozy setting that brings empty rooms to life. Vacant home staging allows buyers to see the potential and beauty in a property. Based on your budget and goals we stage the rooms that matter the most to buyers.

Property Decorating Services

If you just moved, or feel you need a refreshed look, we offer services to assist you.

Decorating a room does not need to be expensive. Adding updated pieces to the furnishings you already love, creates an elegance within your home; that is mindful of your budget and lifestyle.

Color, fabrics, window treatment, flooring, furniture selection, finishes, or a combination of all, create rooms that will resonate with everyone.

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Decorating Services

We take decorating and styling to the next level! We will help you choose the right colors, the right finishes, the perfect furniture piece, or help to rearrange a room. We work with you and within your budget

Color Consultation

Are you looking for someone to validate your color choices, but the person at the paint store cannot do it for you? Why? Because they are not in your home, looking at your fixed elements, your décor, and the lighting in the spaces.

With over 5000 colors, as a trained True Color Consultant, we help you narrow down the choices that will work best within your spaces. Color should be fun, not frustrating.

eStaging and eDecorating

We offer home staging and decorating services virtually online. Similar to our regular services we will help you through our virtual process that is done from the comfort of your home.

Fill out a simple form, take a few photos, and send it all to us. We will evaluate and assist you with detailed information that will allow you to execute your own staging or decorating.

Re-Design and Decorating

Sometimes a space needs a facelift to look refreshed. Translate your unique taste into beautiful practical living spaces that reflect your personality and style. By using the furnishings you still love and updating others, we can bring new life into your rooms. We take decorating to the next level!

This is also great for Dwell to Sell clients. Enjoy your refreshed spaces while knowing the choices will bring value when you are ready to move on.

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