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Frequently Asked Questions About Home Staging

Is my home worth staging?

Every home going on the market is worth staging. Showcasing every property whether it is listed for $100,000 or $1,000,000 gives it the advantage of impressing buyers. It will encourage buyers to see the value in a property giving the seller quality offers.

Home Staging has been regarded essential in today’s real estate market with proven ability to increase market values and sell properties fast, 17% higher than a non-staged home.

Why spend money on my house when I’m selling?

The money you need to spend is an investment in your property. The return will be a stronger offer along with less time on the market, saving carrying costs and excessive markdowns.

Paying attention to the details, like when selling a car; if the interior shows to be of quality, the value is seen, the offer will be strong. The cost of staging is always less than your first price reduction. The smallest investment will have a huge impact on the sale of a property.

Buyers can see past my things, right?

The photos of your home and its appearance are what attract a buyer.  Statistics have proven that 90% of buyers cannot envision a property differently other than as they see it. Therefore, styling your property to your market is essential to create an ambiance that is desirable to buyers. By staging your home first it will make it feel larger, brighter, and cleaner; it can basically erase the negatives that might otherwise distract prospective buyers from your home.

Home Staging allows you the upper hand over the competition.

All homes sell eventually, right?

Yes, but at what cost to you? When your house goes on the market it is a cost to you. You will continue to pay your utilities, taxes, mortgage every month. Then if the house is not styled right from the start, you will incur price reductions, usually costing more then staging your house at the beginning. Selling quickly saves you money. Design Solutions KGP are trained to ensure every feature of your property is highlighted to achieve a positive outcome.

Will the improvements increase the value of my Property?

Small inexpensive changes can create a dramatic effect. Design Solutions KGP during a home consultation advises you on what needs to be done while staying within your budget to create a bang for your buck. Styling a property attracts buyers and always creates perceived value.

Knowing what you must change to attract buyers and entice offers is only half the challenge; the other half is knowing how to do it, Design Solutions KGP helps sellers.

How much work do I need to do on my property?

It depends, every property is different. Some may need more work than others. A staging consultation will identify any issues that need to be addressed, help you prioritize what needs to be done to showcase the property. The goal for Design Solutions KGP is to help the seller make the biggest impression on the smallest investment possible.

My Realtor told me what to do, why have a home stager come in?

A Realtor is a professional in their field of negotiating property sales. Design Solutions KGP is trained in color selection, design elements, styling to market a property. It is difficult for a homeowner to look at their property objectively because they are tied to the house emotionally. Some personal possessions can distract buyers from seeing the house for what it could offer them. Design Solutions KGP objectively reviews the property to ensure the houses full potential can stand out, allowing the buyers to only see the positive features in the home.

How much will home staging cost me?

For a minimum of .5% to 3% of the listing price of the house, staging allows sellers to capitalize on their biggest investment, their home. Home Staging prior to putting your house on the market will create value, it is an investment in the sale of the house. Typically a 6% to 10% return on the investment. It is an essential step in marketing a house in today’s market. Design Solutions KGP works with sellers to keep within their budgets to optimize the sale of the house.

Will a price reduction help sell my property faster?

If your property is priced comparably to other properties in your market there should not be a need to reduce your price. A price reduction might generate interest, but buyers are then looking for faults in their favor to ask for even a lower price point.  Not very favorable for the property owner.

If you decide instead of a price reduction of $10,000 you choose to invest $2000 in styling your property you are ahead $8000. A property that is showcased is going to create interest in the market, and a stronger offer. Homes that are styled by Design Solutions KGP have averaged on the market less than a month, with an offer based on the original price listed. By putting your best foot forward at the start of the sale will result in the best offers.

The longer your house lingers on the market, the more it affects your profitability.

How do I pay for services?

Services can be paid for by cash, check or through PayPal. PayPal link is at the bottom of this page

Should I stage my home before I put it on the market?

Staging your home prior to putting it on the market gives it a strong first impression. It will increase the perceived value, prior to listing is beneficial because a Realtor will compare it to other properties that are in good condition. This will give you the advantage of preserving your equity. If your property has been on the market with little interest, staging can provide an alternative to a price reduction. Remember, you only get one chance to make a great first impression.

If my house was decorated by a professional designer, why would I need a home stager?

While your house may be beautiful, a designer has decorated with you and your taste and style preferences. A home stager aims to style the property so that the majority of the people looking for a house will see the appeal in the home. The goal of selling is to appeal to the widest range of people so that you get a strong fast offer.

Does Staging Really Work?

RESA* and NAR*  statistics prove staging works. In a study of 13K  staged homes 85% sold for 5-23% over the list price. Those staged homes averaged 13 days on the market. The average investment for a staged home is 1-3% of the listing price of the home. The return on the investment yields 5-25% for the seller.  Staging allows a seller to retain the equity in their property. Home staging is the only cost a seller incurs that will give them a return on their investment.

Currently, buyers (95%) are previewing or finding homes online. You get less than 8 seconds to grab hold of their attention. Make the first impression a lasting impression

*Real Estate Staging Association *National Association of Realtors

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