5 Reasons to Stage Your Home

5 Reasons to Stage Your Home

Staging helps sell a house, paying attention to the details are important.

Here are 5 reasons how staging your home PRIOR to listing helps.

5. Staging creates a vision:






By setting the stage in rooms, it allows the buyer to picture themselves in a house aspiring them to have that lifestyle. If you leave your home vacant or with all your decor and personal items, it will not feel like a home a buyer can see themselves living in. IN fact only 10% of buyers can see the potential of a home.

4. Objectivity is necessary to stage a house:

A seller may feel that they have done a great job “clearing and de-clutter” per the advice of their Real Estate agent but the problem is a homeowner cannot objectively look at their HOME and envision it as a HOUSE that needs to appeal to the masses of buyers. The house is now a commodity that needs to stand out to sell.

dining room prior to staging

staged dining room




3. Expertise in design is necessary to stage a house:

Many homeowners love their “things” but are those “things” allowing the buyer to see the house, or are they seeing those things that a buyer cannot see beyond, hence not making an offer on the house.

Family room before staging

Family Room






2. Appealing to a broader range of buyers helps you sell faster:

A home that has been staged first sells about 30% faster than a home that has not been staged. The cost of staging a home on the average results in a 299% ROI (return on investment) for the home owner. For every month a home continues to stay on the market, the sale price will fall around 1% a month, and adding to that, the seller has their caring costs (electric, taxes… etc.) which add up month after month. Stage first and sell faster.
kitchen before stagingkitchen staged






1. Not staging… only helps sell your competition.

Not paying attention to the details, not having good pictures for you listing all make your home go unnoticed. 90% of home buyers today search online first. Pictures speak volumes to them, why not make sure your house stands out.

If you want to sell your home quickly and for top dollar, common sense, call a home stager to help you merchandise your home to market it properly the first time!

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