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How to Update A Home? Telltale Signs That It’s Time For A Change

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updating a room

Does your home feel dated? Depending on when it was built, trends that were popular a while back, are unfortunately not popular now. So what is a homeowner to do without going into debt to bring their home in style? Here are some simple suggestions to update your home that are easy and not expensive.

Organize Clutter

Clutter can take over, but there is a difference between clutter and things just out of place. Like when your kids have all their toys all over, or clothes thrown around. That can be taken care of with a little effort. The clutter we are addressing here is when you have so much stuff it is overwhelming the house and it is taking over everywhere. You have no room on any surface and you have not used those items in months. That is the clutter that needs to be addressed.

By going through each room, one room at a time, sort through the clutter and most importantly reduce it. Take everything out of the room, then when you move it back, decide how frequently you use it. If it is frequent then find a home for it. Put similar items together so that you can easily find things. All the things that you no longer use or have no use for either sell, donate, or throw out.

Your rooms, once organized will look updated and larger too.

updating your home, organize and remove clutter
Before organizing clutter
updating a home by simply removing clutter
After organizing the clutter

Paint Colors

This is a true tell tail sign that dates a home.

Everything gray, super-saturated colors in Tuscany colors, or pinky beiges all are past trending colors. What is up-to-date are whites, clean and crisp. Beware though, there is not necessarily one white that works for all. Reach out to a professional that is trained in the field. Having a color consultation is the best way to narrow down the best whites for your home.

If you love super-saturated colors then use a popular color now. A deep rich green, dark browns, and almost blacks can update your home. If you love gray or beige consider more of a greige which falls between gray and beige and is much more updated.

Updated Art

Not all art will date your house, but the trend of word art is now passé and dates your house. You can replace all those signs and rub-on sayings with black-and-white photos, and possibly create a gallery wall. Consider some beautiful art that enhances the updated colors you just painted in your room. Larger-scaled art is currently trending and it also makes a room appear less cluttered. 


We need mirrors to view our appearance but mirrors on sliding closet doors or covering a wall are no longer in fashion.

Consider changing your doors to solid wood doors and remove the mirrors that are covering the walls. If it is difficult to remove the mirrors consider adding millwork, or covering up the mirror with millwork. Many social media sites have great ideas for millwork that can instantly update your home.

Door Knobs and Cabinet Hardware Update

They become dinged and worn-looking. Consider replacing them and the hinges with new ones. Just this small change can take a few years off an entire house! Consider the lever-style knob which is very ergonomic to use.

Speaking of hardware look at the cabinets in your kitchen and baths too.  Consider not only updating your cabinet hardware but also consider the hinges. Today the hinges on cabinet doors are hidden. They can be easily replaced with soft closing hardware and will make everything more modern and up-to-date.

Update A Home With Lighting

Lights throughout a house can immediately date it. Lighting is similar to fashion trends. Consider it the accessory that pulls the entire room together.

Updating your fixtures to LED lighting will modernize your rooms and save you money. In bathrooms, if you have Hollywood lights your builder installed,  it is time to remove them and change them out with something that is more in style and will convey a little luxury.

Consider your ceiling fans also. The wooden blade fans with ruffle glass shades are outdated. An inexpensive fix would be to paint the blades a fresh white and replace the glass shades. If you have the means then replace the fans with ones that are more updated.

While looking up at your ceiling, do you have popcorn ceilings? If so you may be able to remove them and make them smooth. Smooth ceilings are updated and classic.


Flooring tile is now set with minimal grout lines. If you are on a limited budget and do not have the funds to replace your tile consider paint.

Stenciling tile is a big trend right now. For larger grout lines, consider painting over them with the same color as your tile so it appears to be one continuous surface.

For floors that are outdated laying luxury vinyl flooring over the tile is now an option. Ensure that it is stiff enough so that the different levels of tile to grout lines do not indent the vinyl flooring with wear.

Furniture Pieces to Update

Media Center Units with towers on both sides and a top are no longer in style. For a quick fix remove the top piece that typically bridges the two towers. Declutter all the excess things that are stored in the unit and style it.  If you are able to remove it, update the furniture piece with a beautiful sideboard or credenza to house your TV.

Printed couches and chairs. You need to be careful when purchasing furniture that has design fabric on them. The furniture will most likely outlast the style of the fabric. When purchasing furniture consider one with a solid fabric. Add interest to the piece of furniture by enhancing it with pattern pillows in colors that complement your decor. When the pillows start looking dated they are less expensive and easier to replace to update your room.

furniture updates such as a sideboard for a TV and colored pillows will update a room

Window Treatment

Vertical blinds are no longer the rage they were in the 80s, but no longer. Also, lace sheers covering the windows and heavy drapery will date a house.

To update your home, remove or pair down what you have hanging. Let the light shine in. Remove the lace and heavy cornices from the windows. Although you may have spent a lot on the treatments 20 years ago it is time to let them go. Replace all the heavy drapery with simple panels on either side of a window. If you need privacy consider shades that can be raised and moved out of the view of the window.

You may not need to do all of these updates, but concentrating on one update a year can make a big improvement in the look of your home.

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