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Common Staging Mistakes to Avoid

By May 12, 2022August 30th, 2022No Comments
staging mistakes and how to avoid them

Here are some common staging mistakes that home sellers can avoid to ensure they are representing their biggest investment, their home, in the best possible way.

Marketing a house is no different than marketing any product. A house on the market first needs to attract a buyer, the buyer needs to feel there is value in this particular purchase, and they must know that they are purchasing a product that they love.

Home staging is the first essential step to marketing your house when you are ready to sell. There are a lot of tips and tricks that you may find on the internet as to how to stage your property. Unfortunately “one size does not fit all” when it comes to preparing a home for sale. Here are some common staging mistakes that you can avoid.

Too Much Furniture

Too much furniture goes hand in hand with the advice of reducing collections and clutter. Your goal when staging your home is to present it to the widest range of buyers. Not only too much furniture, but dated furniture can be a turn-off to buyers. Excessive furniture in a room is a common staging mistake of sellers because they are not ready to part with their belongings. Having too much furniture will make a room appear crowded and smaller. It can make it difficult for a buyer to navigate a room when they are viewing the house.

Buyers will not notice that a piece of furniture is missing in a room, but they will notice a room that is furnished awkwardly. Less is more when you are selling to ensure the rooms appear larger.

No Furniture in Rooms

90% of buyers cannot envision a room or space differently than it appears.

When buyers walk into a home that has empty rooms, those rooms typically appear smaller to a buyer’s eye. This is where they may become wary that your house is not right because of the size of the rooms. If you have edited down your furniture and arranged it to best highlight a room, buyers can see the spaces clearer. If you have moved out, consider renting a few key pieces that will create a lifestyle that buyers are shopping for. This is where a professional stager can be very helpful in creating the perfect space.

Color on the Walls

You may absolutely love bright blue or yellow but realize the color on your walls is as personal as your family photos. Both need to be removed and changed when it is time to sell. Having a neutral background allows the rooms to stand out. Understand that the product that you are selling is the house, not your personal taste.

How do you choose the perfect color? Either you can have a professional stager come in and assist in color selection, or you can pick a neutral that you hope will work. Not all beiges are beige. Grays or whites are not that simple to choose. It is recommended to get a professional color consultant to assist that will ensure the new color will create a consistent flow and coordinate with the style of the property. A color that a friend or neighbor used may look out of place in your home. Keep in mind that “one color does not fit all.”

Leaving Walls Bare

The fear of having holes in the walls is an unnecessary one! Wall décor helps to pull a room together. It makes a room complete allowing the eye to travel throughout the room instead of resting on one area or element in a room. With that being said, personal photos, religious symbols, and certificates or awards should be removed when selling your home. Use appropriate-sized neutral art in the room that coordinates with the other elements to enhance, but not overwhelm the space.

The Five Senses of Selling

When a buyer is looking at a home not only their sense of sight is engaged, but all senses are. This means that a clean house should not be underestimated when you are ready to sell. Clean every surface in the house so that it is ‘white glove’ clean.

Odors are a red flag to buyers also. These can be from moisture, smoke, pets, cooking, and other items that leave a lingering smell. They can be offensive to a potential buyer and break a sale.  When the house is on the market avoid cooking foods that are very odoriferous. If you live in a smoking household realize the smell not only is in the air but lingers in furniture, carpeting, and walls. The same can be with pets. These smells are best to be removed and not masked by artificial air fresheners and candles, which can be offensive to buyers too.

Poor Listing Photos

Most real estate agents understand the importance of professional photography for their listings. They know that over 90% of buyers shop online first and these are what will incite an interest. If you are ensuring that your home is present in the best possible way, you will want to be sure it shows in quality photos. If your agent is not setting up an appointment with a professional photographer for your listing, ask them to do so. It does make a difference in the overall marketing of your home.

The process of preparing your home can be overwhelming, which is why having a professional staging consultation is helpful to assist you with a systematic approach to getting your house prepared for the market. By avoiding these common staging mistakes you will ensure a successful sale.

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