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How to Be the Boss When Selling Your House

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house for sale be the boss when you are ready to sell

When you are ready to sell, be the boss. Being the boss when selling your house ensures that you will be more profitable. Your thoroughness will result in the outcome of the sale.

Preparation of Your House

prepare your home before listing it for sale

Preparation of your house is important when you are ready to sell. Why? Because sellers today have been influenced by home TV shows. Sellers do expect to buy either a real fixer-upper or move-in ready home. You as the seller need to be the boss and decide which way you want to move forward.

The preparation not only includes repairs but also cosmetic maintenance that may have been neglected. Repairs could be as major as heating or cooling systems, roofs, or siding for example. They may be minor like a leaky faucet. Take inventory of what might come up in a home inspection and either fix it or reflect it in your asking price and realize a buyer will reduce their offer.

If you have been a diligent homeowner staying on top of things in your home, review the cosmetics. This includes looking at everything floor-to-ceiling in every room. Are the floors worn, then replace or repair them. If you last painted five years ago, a fresh coat of neutral color paint will give you a return on that investment.

If you cannot look at your house objectively, hire a professional home stager for a selling consultation. They will review your home asking relevant questions. They provide suggestions that will not only help you prepare your home, but tidbits to entice buyers.

Listing Your House to Sell

staging a home when selling pays for itself

Interview as many real estate agents as you need to. Remember you are employing them. You are the boss when selling your house, so select one that you feel will work for you. Real estate agents make a commission based on the sale of the house. Depending on what state you are in, you may have to pay the commission of the buyer’s agent also. That’s a lot of money from your profit. Therefore you need to be the boss and ensure your agent is bringing you, quality buyers.

Marketing Your House

The marketing of your home starts with the condition and presentation of your house. Remember you are selling the house, not your possessions. Your house is a product to sell.

The agent will provide you comparables of what has sold, and other homes for sale in your market. These comparables stipulate what your house is valued at in your market. The agent you hire should manage a professional home stager if you did not hire one before you started considering moving. They will also procure a professional photographer, someone to do floor plans, a lifestyle video, print advertising, print mailings, as well as social online media.

Being the selling boss you will need to confirm that these are all being done. This is when it gets tough.  If you feel it is not to your satisfaction, follow thru with your agent every day until it is done. Yes, you thought you hired someone that would do this naturally, but remember you are most likely not the only client they are representing. Be aware that just being listed on the MLS – multiple-listing site, does not guarantee that your house will be seen by buyers.

In addition to the basic adverting, the agent needs to hold broker open houses for other agents to review your property. Public open houses will also gain you exposure. If you have done the preparation of guaranteeing your house- the product, is the best it can be, the more buyers that come through the higher offer will be made.

Things to Consider

Since you are the boss when selling, consider what you will keep with the house and what you are taking.

If you love a light fixture and plan on moving it, take it down prior to listing and replace it with something else. Consider window treatments, dog houses, kid’s swing sets, storage units, hot tubs, etc. All the items that are not permanently attached to the house are considerations. If you are willing to part with the items then consider a fair price that is negotiated outside the house agreement.

When selling one of your largest investments, do not take anything for granted. Make sure you achieve what you want from the sale of your house. Being the boss will keep you in control!

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