Piecing a Room Together That Works

Piecing a Room Together That Works

I think one of the biggest challenges of a decorator is helping clients understand that creating a room is not an overnight process. Unlike shopping for clothes and impulse buying, although fun, does not quite work when furnishing a room. Where do you put that piece that looked so awesome in the store, but once home does not really work any place? You can’t hide it in a closet like that pair of pants you thought were great in the store. What is the best way to go about furnishing a room, what does a decorator do that makes the pieces work that others don’t know?

  1. Planning- Planning is the first step to any room. Whether you are just enhancing some pieces, re-purposing a room, or are ready for a complete change decide what that is going to be ahead of time. Define what pieces do you need. When considering the changes keep in mind the style you want, colors you want and stick with it.
  2. Measure- know the space, understand the scale and relationship of the pieces in the room. When shopping know what size the table, sofa or chair will fit into the space you have in mind. Scale is also important. Once shopping for a sofa and chairs for a living room, my client loved a pair of slipper chairs. When we pulled them near the sofa they did not work at all looking dwarfed next to the sofa. Measure, and measure again.tape measure
  3. Take time- sometimes shopping online or in stores you only have a small time frame to grab that deal. Unless you know that it is the exact item you have been looking for, take your time with your purchases. Make sure it is the color, style and size that will work within your room. When in doubt wait, there will be another sale, or another item that might satisfy the need you have and will probably turn out to be a better purchase because it was thought out.
  4. Mix it up– When selecting furniture for a room, although show rooms will have all the matching pieces consider mixing it up. By doing so it creates interest in the room and makes the room have more personality. Don’t be hesitant to make the piece your own, sometimes it might not be quite the right color, or have quite the right lamp shade. A simple change should be considered to complete the room to your personality.
  5. Patients- this is one of the essential elements to have when decorating. Decorating takes time. Sometimes you know you need a piece but it might be a little more difficult to find, or might not be in stock at the time you are ready to purchase. As a decorator I know all too well that good things come to those that wait, the room may take weeks or months to complete but the wait is worth it in the end.

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