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Picking Appropriate Rugs for a Room

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Rugs create a personality in a room. Rugs anchor furnishings and help define spaces to make a statement. That’s quite a lot for once piece in a room! Many decorators will start with the rug as the base when designing a room. Colors and design can be pulled from a rug creating the drama in a room that speaks.

When selecting a rug the first consideration is to decide what the room is being used for and how much light a room has. Rugs shouldn’t necessarily match the furnishing but be within the same tonal color scheme to harmonize the room.  Again, rugs are to pull the room together.  If you have the need to put more than one rug in an area make sure that they do not contrast. Select one that dominates and the other complementary, you want the rugs to work together. I recommend two rugs in rooms that are excessively large to anchor groupings of furniture. For some, this can be difficult. Work with a decorator or trusted rug company to find two that are complementary to each other. Consider tone, fiber, and similar feeling patterns will pull together a room with rugs.

Patterns should also be a consideration. Smaller patterns in a smaller space can make the room look bigger, wherein a larger room using a big bold pattern will scale the space making it feel cozier. The style of rugs creates the personality of the room.

rug for a large room


The size of a rug needs to be appropriate for the space it is in. It needs to be large enough so that the furniture such as a coffee table and armchairs are on it. A rug that is too small will not anchor a room but instead, stand out as an odd fit being too small.


In the dining room, rugs need to be large enough so that when the chairs are pulled out they are still on the rug. A rule of thumb is to have the rug three feet larger than the table width and length. If it is not large enough, remove it. In a living room a rug should be longer than the sofa, here it does not necessarily need to be completely under the sofa unless you are concealing a floor. I suggest to clients that if you have the front legs of the sofa on the rug, do the same with chairs. The furniture can be adjusted to make the rug “fit” the room. You never want a rug too large for the room, having some “white” floor space is ideal. Measuring the room first is the best way to choose the appropriate size of the rug. If you are not sure what would work in your room visit a reputable dealer in your area with room measurements or call a decorator to help.

A rug is an integral piece in a room that usually is not given much thought. If it is given the attention it deserves it can pull a room together giving it personality and atmosphere a room requires. 

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