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Bathroom Window Dealing with Privacy Issues

By May 25, 2016September 21st, 2018No Comments
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Bathroom windows depending on where they are placed can cause a styling dilemma. The humidity in a bathroom can cause havoc on any window treatment. Although a window is a great feature because it lends light in a small space it can cause privacy issues. A few of my clients have just this and I know others could be in the same situation, so this is to help you look at some different options.

If you are building a new home you can think about the placement of the window in the bathroom; but if you are moving into a home that has a window placed above the bathtub/shower you need to deal with the privacy issue, unfortunately.  The challenge of the size, location or conditions of a room needs to be addressed.

Solutions for privacy

What are some solutions for privacy? You may be familiar with glass film, it can cover the entire pane of the window giving soft filtered light. It is similar to frosted glass but a little less expensive. There are many manufacturers of vinyl film, you can find online. Apply the film directly to clean glass, this will gain you privacy during daylight hours. They are easy to apply, you just need to have patience. The direction to go with these would be to coordinate with the style of the home but keep the design of the film simple due to the size, and elements in the bathroom to allow the light to pour in, but gain privacy.

If you have the need for more privacy, Hunter Douglas has waterproof shutters that can be opened to allow the sun to come in but closed when needing privacy. Due to being a solid material, these would provide privacy anytime throughout the day. They are simple and classic that would complement many styles of décor.

If you are a DIY type of person, you could sew up a café type curtain put up with a spring type rod made of a fun shower curtain. This would give you the privacy but may not last as long as the two options mentioned above.

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Last if you are building or willing to do renovations, think of adding a window to the ceiling versus the wall. This way you gain the light and keep the privacy. The disadvantage of these are due to the humidity liking to rise, it’s best to ensure the surrounding area of the window is durable in those types of conditions. A smaller window known as an eyelash window is another option allowing light but maintain privacy. Another idea is to put in glass block that can admit the light through but also provide discreet privacy. These options are something to consider with the décor of the home.


The factor to consider is allowing light to pour in, while maintaining privacy. There are various solutions for window problems, keeping in mind budget and style. Natural light is great to have in a small space.

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