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Choose Your Side Tables

By October 25, 2018November 9th, 2018No Comments
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Side tables work hard in a room because they serve a purpose. Think about it, an end table next to furniture holds lighting, drinks, a decorative vase of flower and objects that add character to a room. Aside from the practical purpose, a side table can add a lot of style to a room.

Ideas for side tables

Mirrored side tables add glamor to a bedroom. The reflective service adds interest and in smaller rooms can actually help expand the space. Set with some accessories to create a mood. These are an elegant option for the bedroom.

side table


Another option, set a mirrored side table with a crystal base lamp in a room such as a living, dining or family room, again creating a very chic look.


A mirrored side table is not of interest, but you are still looking for glamor? Why not try finding a side table in the burnished gold look. The new burnished gold is different from the old shiny brass that we saw in the 80’s. I am seeing more and more open based tables with the burnished gold look. They work in a lot of style settings and the profile of the metalwork adds interest to the overall design. They are a nice addition to a collection of furniture if you do not want or need a heavy profile.brass table with glass


Side tables that have cabinet space or drawers are great for storage. Consider one near the front door to the house. They are great for keeping all the items you need when running out. Mittens, hats, leashes, purses…conveniently stored but accessible when you need them. Use in a family room for storing remotes, games, extra blankets anything that you need to put out of sight, but like to have at hand.

Being practical is good but consider adding a decorative side table. They add a pop of surprise, but also serve a practical purpose. Although these can be a little more eclectic, the unusualness of the piece is what adds interest to a room. If you find a side that really speaks to you but it “doesn’t go” or match your other pieces, try it in another room.

When choosing side tables or end tables consider the practical aspect but also consider the style, it can transform a room from nice to spectacular.

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