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Holiday Front Door Celebrate the Festivities

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Decorating your front door for the holidays feels celebratory. The front door is a great spot to decorate for the festivities. You probably have some things stored away for each holiday, but it is fun to find new inspiration. Here are some ideas to inspire you.

Front Door Decorations

Start at the front door. Dressing it up says welcome and happy holidays to your guests. I find to ease some of the pressure of creating new displays, create something that can carry you through the seasons.

front door decorations

This great wreath I found on Pinterest. I love the use of gourds, flowers, and colors. It, of course, looks especially awesome on a black door. This is a great example of dressing your door for a season that can carry you through a few holidays.

winter door decorating

This wreath from West Elm is simple and festive. The white felt leaves feel like freshly fallen snow. It is one that can easily be placed on the front door the first of December and hang until the sun melts the cold away! Look how adorable those two little birds are to meet your guest.door decorating

If you want to be more elaborate here are other beautiful examples using natural flora that can add beauty to your curb appeal.

I love the simplicity of this 1/2 wreath. The combinations of the textures are beautiful, an art form in itself.

This skate wreath is whimsical. You could do this with many different objects adding greenery, flowers, and ribbon to embellish. It is simple, unique and amusing to look at all in one.

front door evergreen wreath

This beauty I can see done in other colors too. Evergreens with silver and blues would also be stunning.

Of course, you have to have lights! For a little drama why not add some shooting stars? I love how they look as though they are moving through the trees!


Pull out your holiday decorations, add something new, a little humor and your love for the holidays will shine through! Share some of your favorite decorations here!

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