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Additional Room- Making New Living Spaces

By December 4, 2018One Comment

Do you need an additional room? Do you feel that if you just had the space for _____________ (fill in the blank).  Some houses may have the space that is needed, you just need to be a little creative. Creating additional room takes a little thinking and creativity, but can be possible.

Space for additional rooms

Take a look around your home because you might find you have more space than you realized.


This is an obvious space that many will tackle. When approaching the space though make sure that it serves the purpose of the needs that you have in mind. Realize that in some states you may need to obtain permits to finish off this level. When you create additional living space that is finished, permits are usually required. Most basements are open and the footprint of the entire house. The open area gives you an abundance of options to design the area. Use the space to accommodate storage needs as well as living needs. Ensure that there is easy access to utilities that are placed in the basement level.


Attics can be architectural rich additional space to add to a house. There is a lot of potential in attics if more room is something you need. Although the ceiling line may slant take advantage of that. The empty space from a knee wall can incorporate a dress that is flush with the wall. Add seating with storage underneath for a cozy reading corner. There are many options that work well in this space. Again like the basement if the area is going to be finished you may need a permit before beginning work.

Under steps

I have seen some fabulous storage and office space created under the eaves of steps. If you have the ability to use the space, why not?! This additional “room” can house a bar, desk, storage, a little playhouse for a child, a great reading nook, or even a room for your dog. There are plenty of ideas to get your creativity flowing on Houzz and Pinterest.additional space under steps

Closets –

Closets usually are our spot for catching everything and anything. Storage can feel non-existent in some homes but with a little organization, a closet can feel like an additional room. By adding shelves, storage bins, racks you can gain more space in this tiny area. Using pocket doors, a barn door, bi-folds open the space more. I recommend organizing the contents of the closet first, then consider what needs you have to increase additional storage.

Shelves and bookcases

Adding shelves to a room or a bookcase maybe all you need to create additional space. Simple shelves can fit into a corner of a small room and be used in place of a night table or to display fun art, books, and trinkets. A leaning shelf unit can be a great spot for cookbooks, herbs, and spices. Consider creative ways to have shelving. A ladder can be used for storage but also be an object of interest. Adding a shelf that has storage for glasses, bottles and cocktail accessories can help with the lack of cabinet space also.

additional space with shelves

Reach Up

Consider going vertical.  You can create a lot of storage space, especially in small areas. Add a cubby system that can hold everyday items that you feel are taking over your room. This is great for family rooms that have movies, games, toys extra pillows etc. In a kitchen, the items you may not use every day are good candidates to be stored up high. This allows the more frequent items used to be close at hand.

When I am confronted with a challenge for space for clients these are areas I look at. An evaluation of how a room is being used is essential. If improving the space with rearranging furniture, or improving storage does not solve the predicament then it’s wise to add an additional room.

When looking for space in your home, think and evaluate the space you already have. There is a good chance you have space that is being underutilized that can become the needed area you felt you could never have. Send me pictures of the areas you “discovered”!

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