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Outdoor Fire Pit- Add Spark and Warmth

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Add spark and warmth by adding an outdoor fire pit to your landscape. With cooler evenings fire pits are becoming a popular yard feature to enjoy the outdoors. There are many options of styles that can be considered. Above ground, below ground, table pits, fire bowls, Chiminea, or even a  fireplace all add ambiance and warmth for a relaxing evening outdoors.

Outdoor Fire Pit Ideas

When considering your options keep in mind the style of your home and also your landscape and space. If you have a large backyard a fire pit that is in the ground might be a nice option to consider. They can be built either for burning wood or can be hooked up to propane. They are fairly inexpensive to construct. A nice feature is that they are below the ground so the fire stays pretty much contained within the pit. This being a little safer than a bonfire.

woodburning fire pit

An easy option for outdoors is a tabletop fire pit. A benefit of having the tabletop fire pit is it gives you multiple options and functions. These add the ambiance of spark and warmth without having to do a lot of construction to obtain the ambiance of fire and warmth.

table top

If you have limited space consider smaller fire bowl that can use denatured alcohol or bioethanol to create a gathering place. With a smaller area you can still have an outdoor fire pit, just scale it to the size allowable. Chiminea fire pits are also a popular choice, these burn wood and contain the fire in one place.

fire bowl

All of these are beautiful options, but remember safety:

When using a fire pit never leave it unattended.

Remove all dead vegetation ten to twenty feet around the pit.

Make sure the hoses on propane and gas fire pits are connected properly and are in good condition.

Any surface below the fire pit such as a table top or chiminea should be fireproof. Good options are slate, brick, or stone.

There is nothing better on a summer evening gathering around a fire. Kids will love this also to cook up a batch of great s’mores! Ah, enjoy an evening around the fire and send me some of your pic’s of fire pits!

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