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Rugs Create Ambiance In Your Rooms

By November 30, 2017September 28th, 2020No Comments
configurations of furniture placement on rugs

Rugs are an important element to create ambiance in your room. If sized appropriately they anchor a space making it feel more cohesive. Rug trends are showing up now in subtle and bold patterns, colorful or muted shades. The looks allow a design to be eclectic, mid-century modern, bohemian, as well as formal to create the ambiance you are aiming for in a room. Doing a search on the internet will provide you with a plethora of options!

Rugs add warmth to a room aesthetically and are a great foundation for any room. The pattern and colors create a mood and contribute to the design within the room.

geometric rug in living room

Style of rugs

When choosing a rug their are many charicteristics to consider to achieve an overall design look.

Geometrics are very versatile and depending on the color and boldness of the geometric they can range from a very traditional design to a more contemporary feel.

Oriental style rugs have been popular for a very long time, they were considered classic. But now to update a space, look towards the newer patterns to update your space. The ‘washed out’ or antiqued look on oriental rugs is popular now. I like the look for clients that have a lot of traffic in a room, kids and pets.

Consider the patterns that can be bold and elegant at the same time. Graphic rugs in two tones can be quite elegant. The “bohemian” style rugs allow you to create a traditional or eclectic room. Depending on the colors, and the intensity of them will allow you to play with the looks to give you the style that complements your furniture.

Farrow and Ball is pairing up with The Rug Company to create handloom rugs that complement their color pallet. The uniqueness of this is that you can create an understated rug that is tailored to your own home. The advantage of this is that you received a custom rug fit to your existing furnishing. It allows you not to have to do a total restyling of a room.

Size is important with rugs

When choosing a rug consider the size. Ensure that the rug is not too big for the room, but large enough to anchor the furnishing within the space. Here is an example of a living room area rug:

configurations of furniture placement on rugs

These examples show you how to place furniture so that it is anchored in the room. Depending on the size of the room will also dictate the size of a rug. Consider square and round dimensions to fit the size of your room better.

rug size for every sized room

When decorating a new space I always suggest considering the rug first. This way you can build the look of the room from the floor up. Last choosing a new color palette based off the rug.

A new area rug can transform a space easily, and the colors can then be used through other elements throughout the space to give a room a refreshed look.

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