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Summer time Outdoor Room Decor

By August 5, 2015July 2nd, 2023No Comments

Outdoor space is a great extension of living space, so why not make the most of it? By adding elements similar to any room in the house can make for a comfortable inviting area to entertain and relax.

Planters with a bright burst of colors, and vines trailing over like waterfalls are just the beginning of enhancing your outdoor spaces. Consider elements of indoor living and bring them out.


Lighting brights an entranceway into your home, and are essential for safety.  Consider lighting to create a mood or the ambiance outdoors. Having soft lights in trees, candle lights, and even pathway lights create a relaxed feeling and the bright house lights will not be needed allowing you to view the evening sky.

lighting on deck


I suggest seriously considering what you are purchasing. July is a great time to purchase furniture because it goes on sale.

Outdoor furniture should be an investment that will last for years. Measure your area and plan what pieces will work for you. Also, consider how you entertain do you like to casually sit in chairs and snack on appetizers, or do you prefer a full meal? This will determine what you will need but consider where it will be placed too.


There are so many options of bright colorful rugs, tone-on-tone prints, and solids that can anchor your outdoor furniture and turn the space into a welcoming retreat. These are made of fibers that can endure the elements and have come a long way from that green outdoor carpeting we might remember from our childhood.


What? You say. Using curtains is a great way to make an outdoor space feel cozier and bring the indoor elements out. Sunbrella makes fabric that is durable, and these can also help with sun control creating shade as the day fades to night.


Art can take on a different dimension outside.  It does not have to be as you would imagine inside your home! Why not do a piece of art with succulents on your wall? Also using wire art, wood or glass are all possibilities to add some interest to your outdoor spaces too.


Well, why not? Accessories are a great way to add a little personality to any room, but especially outdoors. Pillows in bold colors to complement your furniture will add a cozy element. Maybe a whimsical sculpture peeking out from your planters or among your pots might be just the thing. Use your imagination to enhance your outdoor living spaces to make them refreshing and relaxing during the hot summer months.

bold pillows

Karen GP

Author Karen GP

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