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Update Your Rooms for FREE!

By August 2, 2017January 8th, 2021No Comments
rearranged furniture to utilize entire space

Update your rooms for free! How, you say? Look around your house and see if there are items you can move around to give your room a new look.

I get it, once you get your house decorated items to stay in the same spot for YEARS! That doesn’t mean that’s bad, but change can be good. What is the best way to begin an update? Here are some ideas to update your rooms for free!

Clear the space

By clearing the room, it is important to keep in mind what is the room used for? Is this room’s decor a bunch of stuff you have put there because you no longer use it in any other room? Can those items be repurposed, or how can you better utilize the room. This goes for any room, consider what is in the space, is it being used or does it have a use? By clearing rooms out alone will make a room feel completely different without spending a dime! If anything, maybe you can make money by selling some of the items you no longer use.

clearing clutter alone can make a room look completely different

Size Matters

Yes, it does, even in a room! If you have a room with too much furniture, it will feel cramped, and small. Understanding the proportions and how to place furniture in a room can make it feel updated alone. Just removing some of the items, it will open up the room, giving it a refreshed new look.

Consider the main purpose of the room when you are ready to begin updating. By this I mean, if it is a family room, keep the TV, and key pieces of furniture for viewing the TV. Then decide what items really have no use that can be removed. If you have a lot of large pieces of furniture to move I suggest measuring the space, draw it out and see what is reasonable to fit into the room. Move and place what is only essential, then slowly add additional pieces in the room. Too much furniture can be too much, edit open the room up.

Simplify the visual space also. Having a TV in a family room may be an eye sore. Consider hiding it so that the “prettier” items stand out more.

Move It, Move It

Another great way to update a room is to move some of your furniture around or into other rooms. Here is an example; this house had an open family room with a fabulous fireplace. Unfortunately, the position of the furniture was not taking advantage of the features in the room. The owner was not happy with the room at all.

misplaced furniture that does not help the look of a room

By using moving furnishings and accessories in other rooms, we were able to take advantage of all the features in the room. We created a better seating arrangement, flow, and updated the room without spending any money. The owner loved the space after! Who wouldn’t we gave it a new look, at no cost? Win, win!

updated room by rearranging furniture

With a little thought, a lot of effort- throwing things away that are no longer useful, and rearranging furniture, art and accessories you can have a completely different looking room, for FREE in a weekend!

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Karen GP

Author Karen GP

Karen GrayPlaisted is the principle owner of Design Solutions KGP. She is a graduate from Pace University and The Fashion Institute of Technology in NYC. Her marketing background and design sense are a perfect combination for home sellers. In the first year she began her staging business, she won the ‘Rising Star’ accolade from RESA, selected from all North American stagers, USA and Canada. In 2016 she won top Occupied Stager in the USA. Karen’s ability to educate and empower clients using simple solutions allows homeowners to transform their spaces with desirable affordable decadence.

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