What advantages does yard prep have for you? Prepping a yard may be one of those tasks that you feel you can skip. A nice yard has tremendous curb appeal, therefore it is something that should not be ignored.

What does yard prep involve

I know a beautiful green lawn is a plus for any home. Spring is a good time to evaluate and test your soil so you know what your lawn will need to be green and lush during the growing season. Once you have determined what you need to add to the soil will direct you as to what enhancements you will need. Adding compost to your grass but also your flower beds will make all plants quite happy.

Consider ways to improve your curb appeal. Possibly planting trees or adding a pop of color with annuals will improve the look of your yard. Adding slowly is a good way to secure the equity in your home. Buyers love to see well maintained and thought out yards.

As things start to grow it’s time to do the dreaded pulling of weeds. The sooner you pull weeds the easier it is to prevent them through the season. After a good soaking rain is the best time to pull because the soil is softer and the weeds pop right out. If they do not pop out use a spade to dig around to loosen the dirt around the root so it comes out. Just pulling the tops off of weeds does not prevent them later on. Actually, it strengthens the roots so it makes it hard to rid of them. Pulling out the root is the best way to eradicate weeds.

Tools for yard prep

Speaking of tools hopefully, you took care of your tools before you stored them in the fall. This time of year is good to organize my “gardening area” in the garage take inventory of what may be needed, and what needs to be replaced.  Just knowing where everything is, and being able to find it makes gardening a little easier. Tuning up lawn mowers, and other garden tools are smart so they are ready for the season. Lining up any lawn services is smart to do now also.

A well-maintained yard leaves a big impression on those that drive by. Remember getting your yard ready in early spring helps it for the entire season. If your property is on the market this is the first impression that buyers take in, so make it beautiful!

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