8 Inviting Ways To Make a Grand Entrance

8 Inviting Ways To Make a Grand Entrance

The first impression your home makes to visitors is from its entrance. Because many of us enter our home through another door aside from the front, special attention sometimes has to be paid to this area because it gets forgotten. Making an impressionable entrance is essential when selling; think you need to refresh your entrance to make it inviting and grand, here are 8 simple steps:

Front Door– did you know that by replacing your front door you can reap 85%* of the cost? So the investment not only sets a great first impression, you also benefit because you can recoup some of the cost. Win/win. Consider one with glass, which will let the light shine in.

Hardware- Your door handle is like an accessory similar to jewelry for an outfit, by adding stylish hardware it convey richness to a simple door. If you have a more contemporary style home consider a slim chrome finish handset. A more traditional home you could considered a rub bronze or black handle. Selecting a handset that complements the style of door and home, although seeming minor to some, can make a great impression.

Colors- The combination of colors gives your house personality. Consider the color of your front door. A fresh coat of paint is also a win/win proposition when selling because it manifests the feeling of a well-cared for home. Adding a pop of color that complements your siding and roof color draws the eye to the front door conveying a welcoming feeling.doorLighting- The purpose of the lighting is to illuminate the entrance making it easy for guest to find their way. When selecting lighting consider proportion. Outside the lights can be larger because the area you have is more open. Also consider path lighting and up lighting to accentuate the homes beauty. Depending on the area of the country you reside, the style of house will command which lights to choose to create a cohesive look.

House numbers- If your door is visible from the road, house numbers help visitors find you. Consider selecting a metal that complements the door handle, ensure the numbers are large enough to be able to be read from a distance.

Landscaping- This not only includes the foundation plantings leading up to the front door that enhance the curb appeal but also consider the material your walkway is done in. Brick, slate, crushed stone are a few of the materials that can be used to creating the path leading to your grand entrance.

Plants- Potted and hanging plants in decorative containers also enhance and entrance that says “Welcome.” If you choose flowering plants pick colors that complement the outdoor color scheme.

Furniture- If you have a front porch select a few pieces of furniture that will fit the area. A couple of chairs or bench say “come on by and sit a while.” The color of the cushions can add a pop of color also.

Of course not all these items may work for your style home, but taking a few of the ideas can greatly increase the inviting factor that impresses visitors coming to your home.

*according to NAR Exterior Replacement Projects Provide Biggest Return on Investment

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