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Home Decorating Trends On The Way Out- Bye, Bye Bye

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Every year there are home decorating trends that come into style, while others we will see fade out. It’s not to say that a decorating trend is good or bad it’s just that it worked for the time, but times change as do decorating trends.

Home decorating trends on the way out:

Cheap Replicas

Sustainability is the king now. DIYers are finding well-made vintage pieces and reinventing them. A great solid wood piece can look completely different painted, adding new hardware, possibly additional trim pieces, or adding other decorative finishes like stenciling. Consider taking a classic chair and reupholstering it to give it a new look. The days of throw-away furniture are diminishing. Using well-made furniture and giving it a new look and life is the direction we are heading. Not only re using things keeps them out of the landfills but allows you to find unique pieces with a lot of personality.

Open Concept Homes

 While we all love our family members, we have found with the pandemic it’s nice to have a little privacy. Working from home, and children attending school we became a little pressed for privacy. Homes need to fit our lifestyle and be functional now and for years moving forward. Having private spaces to do our work, but also relax are needed for our mindset to live well.

Small Home Office Trend

After the pandemic, we needed a place to work. As some continue to work from home full or part-time we realize that we need space. The “cloffice”- changing a closet into an office will not suffice and a dedicated room for an office will be desirable in homes.

large home office decorating trend

All-White Kitchens

Yes, we are moving away from the all-white kitchen. This home decorating trend had its day and now we will see more natural elements with wood. If there are painted cabinets they will be in rich colors like navy, green, and even black. Balancing the richer colors will be important to create an updated feeling.

Mosaic Tiles

Larger tiles and materials that are easy to clean, creating a more serene space are trending now. The mosaic tiles for that “pop” are fading out, a solid cleaner look is more desirable. It doesn’t mean that it has to be boring though. Consider a hex, picket, chevron, zellige, or arabesque-shaped tile. All of these add visual interest to a room.

Shiplap Trend

This is going by the wayside unless you live in an actual farmhouse. Having the right colors on your walls can make a huge impact. Using other millwork can be just as beautiful and even classic so there is no concern of it just being a fading trend.

Gray Interiors

This is a home trend I am glad to see go by the wayside. Using warmer colors makes a room feel warm and more inviting. If you are not ready to give up your cool gray walls consider adding bright print fabrics that will warm up the room and make it feel happy.

home decorating trend gray interior

These home decorating trends have prevailed for a while. Each New Year is a great time for a fresh start. Utilizing some of what you own, and adding new is the best way to modify your décor. While adding to update consider sustainability. The bigger investments in decorating lean toward a more classic look, then add the latest trend into the room with the layer of accessories that create the updated look of the time.

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