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How to Attract Buyers When Selling Your House

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staging considers all the elements to attract buyers

Attracting buyer when selling your house is all about marketing to them. To attract buyers in the first place you have to understand what they want.  Today buyers imagine that they will be moving up into a higher-end style when looking to purchase. Whether it is a first time home or the third home, they want something more than what they currently are living in.

Certain characteristics in a property attract buyers towards one home over another. Preparing a house to sell with the buyer in mind can be difficult. First and foremost you must be objective and look at your property as a buyer would.

In a recent poll 25% of buyers when looking at homes to purchase expect them to look like what they have seen in a magazine or on TV shows. When they view a property that conveys this, they fall in love and make an offer. Buyers have requirements when looking for a new abode. Realize that it is the feeling a buyer experience when they tour a home that will be the deciding factor of their purchase. To attract a buyer you need to think like a buyer.

Be objective. How can you attract buyers, and then get them to fall in love with your house? What features should you address prior to listing a property for selling?


Everything in the house should be in the best possible condition. All surfaces are clean or new.

Living Spaces

Light is a key element because buyers love light, bright open areas. To achieve this first consider the light sources. Prepare your house by opening your window treatments and allow the view to be seen unless it is unsightly like a junkyard. In that case, use simple white sheers that will still allow the light to come in but defuse the ugly. Frame the view with curtains panels on either side of the window. Remove unsightly air conditioners, and screens that might obstruct a clear bright view.

Lighting is Essential

Next, consider the light fixtures. Not only for the light it will shed on the space, but also for the style. There is nothing that outdates a property more than lighting fixtures. Consider the light fixtures in the room. Are they in style? Do they provide enough light to brighten the room? Consider buyers may be looking at your house after work. Most times the sun is setting or has already set. Will your rooms convey that light bring feeling at night as they do during the day? Consider the light bulb also. LED lighting can save energy and give you the brightness you need. Prepare your house with the appropriate light. Consider the color of light when they are on as well as the brightness.

CFL bulbs should not be used when selling. They take too long to produce the light needed in a room once the switch is flipped. Fluorescent bulbs can cast a different color light on everything making it feel too industrial.

Tread Carefully

Floors are an important element in a house for buyers. Buyers love wood floors so show them off. Consider the rugs. The size, color, style do they work in the space and are they in style now? Place the appropriate rugs in a room and it will add to the open airy feeling that buyers love.

Ensure the furniture fits the space it is in. If your furniture is too taste specific or too large for the space connect with a professional stager that can assist you in getting the right furniture. Creating a cohesive look for all rooms is an important element to consider when selling. The small investment in the rentals will make a huge impact on a buyer. The other consideration, if you will not be using the furniture in your next home, consider purchasing new. It goes with you and the investment will be worth doing now.

Art and Color

Art needs to be large enough to cover the space and make a statement. You need to consider who your buying market is when selecting art. The more neutral the art the larger range of buyers it will appeal to. This one accessory is an important element so select your art accordingly.

The wall color in rooms needs to speak – unconsciously. Red is an aggressive color when selling -stay away. Neutral soft blue, green, taupe and shades of white are the most appealing. Although you may love your orange kitchen and purple bathroom realize if you feel the need to keep it, you will limit your buying market. 

Last thing, but also very important, personal clutter needs to be removed. Remember that you are selling your house, not the contents. Hence you hear everyone say remove clutter. A word of caution though- do not remove so much that the house becomes sterile.

When selling any product realize the purchase of a house is based on strong emotions. To attract buyers they have to have an emotional connection. If the room is vacant or has everything stripped from it, the emotion is gone. The excitement is gone. Buyers like to be “told” through staging how their new life will be in this new property. They see something that they like, they will fall in love and make an offer.

If you are having a difficult time looking at your house objectively, reach out. We service those outside our Hudson Valley New York location with virtual staging consultations. Our goal for every seller is to attract as many buyers as possible. The more that are attracted, the stronger chance of a sale!

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