Choosing Colors for a New House

Choosing Colors for a New House

Exciting, you just bought a new house and you are ready to make it your home, Congratulations! Now materializes the task of picking colors for your new house. Where do you begin?

 Simple! Look towards the things that you love and are inspired by. Most naturally you will end up navigating towards those colors because you love them, but also consider some of your existing furnishings that have colors elements that you love. Colors in a new space should intrigue you not overwhelm you with concern.

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 The after you think you have narrowed the playing field when choosing colors, look at the fixed elements in the space. The fixed elements are items that are part of the house like the flooring, cabinetry, and countertops. Consider these when deciding what colors will work best in the space. Also consider the size of the rooms including the ceiling height.

Next find an item or two that represents the colors that you love and would like to have throughout your spaces. This could be a piece of art, a printed pillow, vase, collection of ______ you fill in that blank. With those items in mind and considering the fixed elements in your home, you can create a color pallet that can be repeated throughout. I typically advise clients to keep to no more than four colors per floor.

peacock vase


Now that you have narrowed down the four colors that you like it is time to then choose paints that will come close to those colors and will coordinate with them. Sometimes clients prefer to choose only one color for the walls throughout a floor of their new house and add the other colors through curtains, throws, pillows, rugs etc. I tend to always recommend the most neutral color for your walls and colors as accents through the room.

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 If you have any questions on choosing colors please connect. I would love to see the new colors you chose for your new home.

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