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Organizing Your Life to be Easier

By February 4, 2014August 23rd, 2019One Comment

Organizing your life to be easier; the title sounds good, right? How do you do that with work, family, commitments coming at you from every direction?

We all have hectic lives, I run my Home Staging business in Orange County NY and have a family, participate in clubs and activities on a daily basis. Probably much like you, so how can you gain your sanity? The first thing to do is realize what you need to do, and how much time it takes to do each item. Realizing how much time additional tasks require will help you organize and prioritize.

organize your life and keep calm

Staying on task

Having a checklist can help some people keep track of what they have done and what needs to be done. When you have a lot on your plate it is easy to forget things. That’s when you feel like you get nothing done. Organize your life by setting up a routine by segmenting your day by morning/afternoon/evening and extra tasks. Divide those segments of the day with what you need to do.

Getting ready in the morning:

  • making the bed tidying up the bedroom,
  • making and eating breakfast
  • deciding what will be for dinner
  • picking up and collecting odd items before heading out the door

Phew! But if you do create an organized routine it will become part of your day. Work in similar tasks for each segment of a day.

Don’t sweat the small stuff. If you find doing one extra thing in the morning the day of a big meeting can send you over the edge, let it go. It will be there later.

Keeping things organized

Having a place to store little things helps with time too. If you store all the things you need when leaving in one area it saves time from hunting those things down. Find storage spaces throughout your home that are convenient. For example in one closet I have all my craft items organized in bins, marked and easily accessible. Don’t have a closet look at other spaces that you may be able to use in a different way.

Simple Schedule

Realize what extra tasks are that need to be accomplished.  These are the odd jobs that you need to decide when and where to fit them in each day. Sometimes you will be able to do easily, other days you need to just let them go until another time. Organize your life to be less hectic.

Set yourself a schedule if you have to if it makes it easier. I have a friend that goes so far as designating each day of the week for something extra she does for herself. Monday’s she concentrates on her beauty routine because Monday starts with M like makeup. OK little too much for me too, but do whatever works so that the craze of life becomes easier daily.

And don’t forget, it’s OK to say no if you cannot do something. Be honest with yourself.

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