Organizing | Systems to Use

Organizing | Systems to Use

Sometimes when things get out of hand we finally decide it’s time to get organized. For some it is a simple procedure, others might dread it, keep in mind that perfectionism is the mother of procrastination. So even if you get your closet organized by color, feel great, because the next step can be by style like all shirts together, and then you will start eliminating so you feel real organized. Step by step, creating a system helps.


So what are some systems you can put in place when organizing anything?

First when cleaning out a room, closet or even drawer, decide what you will do with the clutter and put into three piles:

Keep It

Purge It

Store It

When going through items remove space wasters. You might be one saying “what’s a space waster?” They are items that you probably haven’t used, touched or thought about in over six or more months. They are taking up valuable real estate and need to be either sold, donated, or thrown away. Yes, it’s time for someone else to take hold of those things you really have no need for. Still having a tough time deciding if you feel it is a space waster? Ask yourself: when was the last time you used or needed the item. Again, if it has been more than six months it most likely is a space waster that needs to be addressed.

Once those space wasters are removed, it’s time to evaluate what is left. Start sorting through the items you feel are something you need to keep and are easily accessible, and what can be stored– i.e. seasonal items, large appliances that you might not use every day but still use on a regular basis. When storing be organized. Store like things together, all holiday items, and each holiday in it’s own bin, clothing- fall/winter items in their own bin, gardening items- tools together, gloves together, fertilizers all together. Your getting the idea kind of like sorting block when younger, all the same shape together, color together etc.

The items you use frequently, sort through and set up a system or a home to keep them organized. Maybe it’s using bins that are marked, setting your closet up with shelving or additional rods for hanging, labeling shelves help some to keep items in their ‘home’. The key is creating a home for things – “a place for everything, and everything in its place” and then making sure that you put items in their places and not just put them down wherever latter.

If you try it in just one area of your house you might find that you can translate it to other areas to the point of being completely organized. Let me know what systems you have put in place to keep organized and the clutter to a minimal.

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